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"British Titles" by Valentine Heywood


Without doubt, the most widely quoted work in recent years on British titles was the aptly named "British Titles - The Use and Misuse of the Titles of Peers and Commoners, with Some Historical Notes" by the late Valentine Heywood.


Heywood's style reminds me of that of a favourite teacher - easy to digest yet full of content and authority.  His work covers not only the Royal House, but also the Peerage, the Privy Council, the Great Officers of State, etc.  "British Titles" was first published in 1951 and has unfortunately been out of print for many years.


I am enormously grateful to A & C Black (Publishers) Limited for the kind permission they have given for chapters 2 to 4 of Heywood's book (covering the Peerage, Courtesy Titles and the Baronetage) to be reproduced in this work.


Rather than trying to amend or update Heywood's text to reflect changes over half a century, I have included his text verbatim with appropriate comments to explain any changes since his work was first published.


The Peerage

Scottish and Irish Peers

Peers who can be M.P.s

Peers and Nobility

The "of" in Peerages

Peerages with "of" in the title

Mistakes in Patents


Female Succession


Disclaimer of a Peerage

Female succession to an Earldom

Female succession in Scotland

Female succession in Ireland

Special Remainders

Descent in Scotland

Sons Called up in Fathers' Baronies

Dormant Peerages

Life Peers

The Crown and Life Peerages

Modes of Reference

Prefixes to Titles

Style of Peers' Widows

Remarriage of Peers' Widows

Courtesy Titles

The Suirdale "Viscountcy"

The Forbes "Viscountcy"

Family Customs

The Scottish Style of "Master"

Other Relatives of Peers

A Coronation Problem

Where Sisters Have Priority

The Prefix "Lady"

The Prefix "Hon."

The Baronetage


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