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Long ago I decided that if at all possible Cracroft's Peerage should be a web-based genealogical resource that is free to all users. However, it costs over £1,000 a month to keep Cracroft's Peerage going.  The harsh reality is that over the years I have paid out a lot of my own money to fund the website as well as carrying out field visits for on-site research and acting as an unpaid knowledge expert.  There will shortly come a time when I will be forced to consider closing down Cracroft's Peerage due to dwindling resources.  If this happens then an awful lot of dedicated hard work will be lost to you.  So, if your visit has been worthwhile or has been of professional benefit, then please consider making a donation, however small, to The Peerage Research Trust. This is the charitable side of Cracroft's Peerage and exists to sponsor academic research into peerage and related matters as well as to raise funds so that I can continue to maintain and develop Cracroft's Peerage. To make a donation, please click on the "Donate" button below.


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The Garter Star, part of the insignia of the Most Noble Order of the Garter


Cracroft's Peerage is divided into eight main sections or subject areas, some of which are themselves divided into sub-sections. To jump to any page click on the underlined text. If you are using the WinHelp version of Cracroft's Peerage you can use the back button at the top of the page to retrace your steps.


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Here you will find an introduction to Cracroft's Peerage and various general pages covering such matters as acknowledgments, bibliography, recent additions, etc.

The Monarchy

This section contains narrative pedigrees of the Royal Family from the House of Normandy through to the House of Windsor as well as the Scottish Royal Families. There are also articles on the "seize quartiers" of our Monarchs, Royal Palaces and Residences, etc.

The Peerage

This is the main content section of Cracroft's Peerage. In this section you will find narrative pedigrees covering both current and extinct peerages. It covers both hereditary and life peerages.

The Baronetage

This section is under development and eventually will have narrative pedigrees on all current and extinct baronetcies.

Untitled Families

In this section are the narrative pedigrees of some well known untitled families.

Orders of Chivalry

This section has information about the British Orders of Chivalry and Merit, including complete listings of the Knights of the Garter, of the Thistle and of St Patrick


This section covers many topics which have an indirect connection with the Peerage and Baronetage, e.g. British Houses and Palaces, Chiefs of Names and Clans in Scotland, etc.


How to contact us.


This page contains various links to web sites of organizations that may be of interest, e.g. The College of Arms, The Heraldry Society, etc.


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