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The Editor




Patrick Cracroft-Brennan was born in Kingston-upon-Hull in 1951. He became interested in heraldry and genealogy at an early age, joining the Heraldry Society in 1961 and the Society of Genealogists a few years later. He qualified as a chartered accountant in 1974. Moving to London in 1982, he was appointed Hon Treasurer of the Heraldry Society in 1985, serving in that capacity until 1988, and then serving on the Council of the Heraldry Society from 1988 until 1993. He was made an Honorary Fellow of the Heraldry Society in 1988. He founded Heraldic Media Limited in 1997 and The Peerage Research Trust in 2004. He was again elected to the Council of the Heraldry Society in 2001 and also in 2011. He is also involved in charitable work for St John Ambulance, being Divisional President for Wimbledon 1987-89 and for Crystal Palace & Anerley 2006-13, as well as being on the St John Council for London (now the London Regional Priory Group) since 1988 where he has served two terms as the Hospitaller of London. He was appointed a Serving Brother of the Order of St John by HM the Queen in 1991.


Mr Cracroft-Brennan is a Freeman of the City of London and a Liveryman and Court Assistant of the Worshipful Company of Scriveners.


Cracroft's Peerage first started in 1998 as the simple answer to a request for a list of dukes in the newsgroup. That first list soon became a list of all peers, then a series of articles showing who had held each title, and then more articles.... and so on and so forth. Mr Cracroft-Brennan divides his time between his "day job" as a charity/not-for-profit finance director, his accountancy practice, Bambury & Co, and with developing Cracroft's Peerage.


Editorial Policy on the information contained in Cracroft's Peerage


We live in a digital age where identity theft, although not common, is nevertheless a possibility. The Editor knows to his own cost how inconvenient this can be when it happens. With this in mind we have always been very careful to control the information we show in Cracroft's Peerage. For example, we do not show contact details for single women. Unless we receive information for publication directly from a member of one of the families, all the information shown in Cracroft's Peerage is taken from readily available sources already in the public domain, i.e. material that has already been printed or is shown in online databases. From time to time we do have to carry out original research to clarify genealogical matters, but to do this we use resources that are available to anyone who cares to use them, e.g. the birth, marriage and death records of the General Register Office, microfilm copies of parish registers at the Society of Genealogists, online copies of wills at the Public Record Office, etc.


We are mindful about the concerns some people have over identity theft, but in our view we do not publish the type or volume of information that a fraudster would require for his or her crime. At all times the Editor has to bear in mind the intellectual integrity of the work as a whole and balance this against the remote possibility that information contained in Cracroft's Peerage could be used illegally. The Editor believes that at all times the information stored in the database, i.e. Cracroft's Peerage, conforms with the eight principles of the Data Protection Act 1998, particularly as concerns the manner in which information is stored and its accuracy. If any of the information is inaccurate, then he would welcome any corrections.



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