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The Complete Guide to the British Peerage & Baronetage

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The information in Cracroft's Peerage, consisting in the main of names and dates, is ultimately derived from a long list of peerage works, stretching back to Dugdale's Baronage of England, published in 1675/76.  In the past, peerage dictionaries have appeared frequently, not only from the publishers of Burke and Debrett, but under such editorial names as Collins, Dod, Foster, Lodge and Whitaker, and any of these will include details of peerages extant at the time of their publication;  however, the Second World War brought all but the first famous pair to an end, and even Burke and Debrett appear on an occasional rather than an annual basis nowadays.


Wherever possible and practical, the information in Cracroft's Peerage has been cross-checked with the following works.  This has, to the surprise of the editor, led to the discovery of a considerable number of errors in what might be loosely termed "household names".  Although no compiled work can be 100% error free, it is hoped that Cracroft's Peerage will prove to be as accurate as any existing work and more accurate than most.


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Heralds' Visitations (Harleian Society)




Several users have asked why Cracroft's Peerage does not have notes of the sources that have been used. Primarily, this is because to have such notes is not part of the traditional style of the peerage reference work. Nevertheless, as stated above all information in Cracroft's Peerage has been cross-checked with the major reference works and other sources, such as heralds' visitations, where appropriate. Whilst the Editor can understand why some researchers would like to have detailed source notes, he regrets that at this stage it would be an impossible task to add such notes.




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