Cracroft's Peerage
The Complete Guide to the British Peerage & Baronetage

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Cracroft's Peerage started off in 1998 as a simple listing of current hereditary peers, created in response to an enquiry on the rec.heraldry newsgroup. Somehow it has grown from that to a substantial reference work which, if printed out, would extend to over 5,000 A4 pages. I have lost count of the number of hours it has taken to prepare, but every single one has been worthwhile when I see what has been achieved so far.


Along the way generous help has been given by all sorts of people, not least the peers themselves, who are always so helpful when responding to my letters about some obscure point about their families. If I had to pick a few individuals out, my particular thanks would go to:


Robert Noel, Lancaster Herald, for his unfailing charm and courtesy when faced with the most obscure question from me; the regular posters to the rec.heraldry and newsgroups for being an amazing source of information, and especially to Michael Rhodes for his daily jottings without which accurate updating would be nigh on impossible; our graphic artist, the late Don Smith, whose wonderful heraldic graphics head the articles on dukes - he will be sadly missed; and finally Richard Lee-Heung, my fellow director and partner, for all his ever present help, support, and encouragement.


Patrick Cracroft-Brennan

March 2006




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