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Sir Richard Henry Paston-Bedingfeld, 6th Bt.


1A. Sir Richard Henry Paston-Bedingfeld, 6th Bt. (b. 10 May 1800; d. 4 Feb 1862)



1B. Sir Richard Bedingfeld, 5th Bt. (b. 23 Aug 1757; d. 22 Nov 1829), mar. 16 Jun 1795,

2B. Hon Charlotte Georgiana Jerningham (d. 29 Jul 1854)



1C. Sir Richard Henry Bedingfeld, 4th Bt. (b. 14 Sep 1720; d. 27 Mar 1795), mar. 30 Mar 1761,

2C. Hon Mary Browne (b. 27 May 1733; d. 17 Sep 1767)

3C. Sir William Jerningham, 6th Bt. (b. 7 May 1736; d. 14 Aug 1809), mar. 16 Jun 1767,

4C. Hon Frances Dillon (b. 17 Oct 1747; d. 1 Mar 1825)



1D. Sir Henry Arundell Bedingfeld, 3rd Bt. (b. c.1685; d. 15 Jul 1760), mar. Aug 1719,

2D. Lady Elizabeth Boyle (d. 25 Nov 1751)

3D. Anthony [Browne], 6th Viscount Montagu (b. 1686; d. 23 Apr 1767), mar. 26 Jul 1720,

4D. Barbara Webb

5D. Sir George Jerningham, 5th Bt. (b. 2 Jun 1680; d. 21 Jun 1774), mar. 1733,

6D. Mary Plowden (d. Sep 1785)

7D. Henry [Dillon], 11th Viscount Dillon (b. 1705; d. 3 Sep 1787), mar. 26 Oct 1744,

8D. Lady Charlotte Lee (d. 19 Jun 1794)



1E. Sir Henry Bedingfeld, 2nd Bt. (b. 1636; d. 14 Sep 1704), mar. c. 1685,

2E. Elizabeth Arundell (b. c. 1655; d. 13 Apr 1690)

3E. Charles [Boyle], 3rd Earl of Cork and 2nd Earl of Burlington (b. bef. 1674; d. 9 Feb 1703/4), mar. 26 Jan 1687/8,

4E. Juliana Noel (b. 19 May 1672; d. 17 Oct 1750)

5E. Henry [Browne], 5th Viscount Montagu (b. bef. 1641; d. 25 Jun 1717), mar. bef. 1685,

6E. Barbara Walsingham

7E. Sir John Webb, 3rd Bt. (d. Oct 1745), mar. (2) bef. 1700,

8E. Hon Barbara Belasyse (d. 28 May 1740)

9E. Sir Francis Jerningham, 3rd Bt. (b. c. 1650; d. 26 Aug 1730), mar. aft. 29 Jun 1675,

10E. Anne Blount (d. 13 Feb 1734/5)

11E. Francis Plowden, Comptroller of the Household (b. Apr 1712), mar. 1 Oct 1699,

12E. Mary Stafford-Howard (d. 26 Apr 1765)

13E. Hon Arthur Dillon, Count Dillon (b. 1670; d. 5 Feb 1733), mar.,

14E. Christina Sheldon (b. c. 1680; d. 5 Aug 1757)

15E. George Henry [Lee], 2nd Earl of Lichfield (b. 12 Mar 1689/90; d. 15 Feb 1742/3), mar. bef. May 1718,

16E. Frances Hales (b. c. 1698; d. 3 Feb 1769)



1F. Sir Henry Bedingfeld, 1st Bt.

2F. Margaret Paston, dau. of Edward Paston, of Appleton, co. Norfolk

3F. Sir John Arundell, of Lanherne, co. Cornwall

4F. Hon Elizabeth Roper, dau. of John [Roper], 3rd Baron Teynham

5F. Charles [Boyle], 3rd Viscount Dungarvan

6F. Lady Jane Seymour, dau. of William [Seymour], 2nd Duke of Somerset

7F. Hon Henry Noel, of Luffenham, co. Rutland

8F. Elizabeth Wale, dau. of Sir William Wale, Alderman of London

9F. Francis [Browne], 3rd Viscount Montagu

10F. Lady Elizabeth Somerset, dau. of Henry [Somerset], 1st Marquess of Worcester

11F. Thomas Walsingham, of Little Chesterford, co. Essex

12F. Lady Anne Howard, dau. of Theophilus [Howard], 2nd Earl of Suffolk

13F. Sir John Webb, 2nd Bt.

14F. Mary Blomer, dau. of William Blomer, of Hatherop, co. Gloucester

15F. John [Belasyse], 1st Baron Belasyse

16F. Lady Anne Paulet, dau. of John [Paulet], 5th Marquess of Winchester

17F. Sir Henry Jerningham, 2nd Bt.

18F. Mary Hall, dau. of Benedict Hall, of High Meadow, co. Gloucester

19F. Sir George Blount, 2nd Bt.

20F. Mary Kirkham, dau. of Richard Kirkham, of Blagdon, co. Devon

21F. Edmund Plowden, of Plowden, co. Shropshire

22F. Elizabeth Cotton, dau. of Richard Cotton, of Bedhampton, co. Sussex

23F. Hon John Stafford-Howard, of Stafford Castle, co. Stafford

24F. Mary Southcott, dau. of Sir John Southcott, of Merstham, co. Surrey

25F. Theobald [Dillon], 7th Viscount Dillon

26F. Mary Talbot, dau. of Sir Henry Talbot, of Templeogue, Dublin

27F. Ralph Sheldon, Equerry to King James II

28F. ..... .....

29F. Edward Henry [Lee], 1st Earl of Lichfield

30F. Lady Charlotte FitzRoy, illegit. dau. of King Charles II

31F. Sir John Hales, 4th Bt.

32F. Helen Bealing, dau. of Sir Richard Bealing


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