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Michael James Tindall MBE


1A. Michael James Tindall MBE (b. 18 Oct 1978, Otley, Yorks.), mar. 30 Jul 2011 Canongate Kirk, Edinburgh, Zara Anne Elizabeth Phillips MBE (b. 15 May 1981), only dau. of HRH The Princess Anne, The Princess Royal (by her first husband Capt Mark Anthony Peter Phillips, only son of Maj Peter William Garside Phillips), only dau. of HM Queen Elizabeth II



1B. Philip J Tindall (b. Jun 1946, Skipton, Yorks.), mar. Dec 1969, Otley, Yorks.,

2B. Linda M Shepherd (b. Jun 1948, Wakefield, Yorks.)



1C. Douglas Tindall (b. 18 Oct 1907, Skipton, Yorks.; d. Jun 1979, Skipton, Yorks.), mar., 16 May 1942, Skipton, Yorks.,

2C. Phyllis Smith (b. Mar 1920, Burnley, Lancs.)

3C. Jack Shepherd (b. 18 Dec 1913, Guiseley, Yorks.; d. Dec 1958, Otley, Yorks.), mar. Mar 1946, Otley, Yorks.,

4C. Margaret Jenkinson (b. Dec 1917, Otley, Yorks.)



1D. Arthur Sutcliffe Tindall (b. Jun 1872, Brotherton, Yorks.; d. Jun 1950, Rotherham, Yorks.), mar. Mar 1894, Skipton, Yorks.,

2D. Maria Ryder (b. Sep 1870, Embsay, Yorks.)

3D. Charles Ramsden Smith (b. Jun 1882, Colne, Lancs.), mar. Sep 1905, Burnley, Lancs.,

4D. Amelia Hargreaves (b. Jun 1883, Burnley, Lancs.)

5D. James Arthur Shepherd, mar. Jun 1912, Northallerton, Yorks.,

6D. Sarah Jane Barnett

7D. Arthur Jenkinson (b. Dec 1878, Yeadon, Yorks.), mar. 14 Aug 1915, Yeadon, Yorks.,

8D. Lucy Machell (b. Dec 1885, Yeadon, Yorks.)



1E. Edward Tindall, joiner (bapt. 1 Jun 1834, Ledsham, Yorks.; d. Mar 1893, Skipton, Yorks.), mar. Sep 1862, Brotherton, Yorks.,

2E. Sarah Ann Sutcliffe (b. Mar 1839, Brotherton, Yorks.; d. Mar 1923, Skipton, Yorks.)

3E. Ralph Ryder, general labourer (bapt. 10 Aug 1829, Coverham, Yorks.; d. Sep 1902, Embsay, Yorks.), mar. 4 Oct 1856, Burnsall, Yorks.,

4E. Maria Duckett (bapt. 21 Apr 1831, Burnsall, Yorks.; d. Jun 1914 Skipton, Yorks.)

5E. Charles Ramsden Smith, farmer later licensed victualler (b. c. 1844, Colne, Lancs.), mar.,

6E. Elizabeth Bailey (b. c. 1850, Colne, Lancs.)

7E. Sutcliffe Hargreaves, cotton weaver later railway clerk (b. Jun 1855, Burnley, Lancs.), mar. Sep 1877, Burnley, Lancs.,

8E. Amelia Heap (b. Mar 1854, Burnley, Lancs.)

9E. Samuel Shepherd (b. Dec 1853, Guiseley, Yorks.; d. Jun 1893, Guiseley, Yorks.), mar. Mar 1879, Guiseley, Yorks.,

10E. Sarah Ann Booth (b. Sep 1860, Guiseley, Yorks.; d. Jun 1891, Guiseley, Yorks.)

11E. Thomas Barnett (b. Mar 1843, Borrowby, Yorks.), mar. Jun 1868, Baldersby, Yorks.,

12E. Frances Robinson (b. c. 1844)

13E. Raymond Jenkinson, woollen weaver (b. Dec 1853, Yeadon, Yorks.), mar. Jun 1876, Yeadon, Yorks.,

14E. Mary Jane Penny (b. Mar 1852, Yeadon, Yorks.)

15E. Charles Edward Machell, stonemason (b. Sep 1865, Middlesborough, Yorks.), mar. Sep 1884, Yeadon, Yorks.,

16E. Fanny Burroughs (b. c. 1867, Yeadon, Yorks.; d. Sep 1941, Yeadon, Yorks.)



1F. William Tindall, farmer

2F. Elizabeth Stead, dau. of John Stead

3F. Henry Sutcliffe, tailor and draper

4F. Elizabeth Austerberry, dau. of Edward Austerberry, mason


6F. Elizabeth Ryder


8F. Tabitha Duckett

9F. Thomas Smith

10F. Mary .....



13F. Samuel Hargreaves, cotton power loom weaver

14F. Mary Anne Horne, dau. of Robert Horne

15F. Abraham Heap

16F. Jane Ingham

17F. James Shepherd

18F. Mary .....

19F. Elijah Booth

20F. Mary Young

21F. James Barnett

22F. Sarah Geers, dau. of Thomas Geers




26F. Nanny Jenkinson, dau. of William Jenkinson


28F. Hannah Penny

29F. George Machell, stonemason

30F. Esther Webster

31F. Thomas Burroughs, auctioneer and land valuer

32F. Mary Ann .....


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