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Life Peerages - W


Waddington, Baron, of Read in the County of Lancashire

Rt Hon Sir David Charles Waddington GCVO QC DL

created: 4 Dec 1990

extinct:  24 Feb 2017

Arms: Ermine on a Cross Azure a Lion's Head guardant Or langued Gules between four Roses Gules barbed and seeded proper; Crest: An Arm embowed vested Azure issuing from the Sleeve of a Silk Gown Sable the Hand proper holding a Wreath of four Roses Gules barbed and seeded proper enfiled by a Sword point upwards Argent Hilt Pommel and Quillons Gold; Supporters: Dexter: A Lion in trian aspect; Sinister: a Griffin, both Or armed and langued Gules gorged with a Bar dancetty Ermine edged Azure each statant erect amid Reeds growing from a Grassy Mount proper; Motto: Deus Noster Refugium Et Virtus (God is our refuge and courage)


Wade, Baron, of Huddersfield in the County of Yorkshire

Donald William Wade DL

created: 28 Dec 1964

extinct: 6 Nov 1988


Wade of Chorlton, Baron, of Chester in the County of Cheshire

Sir William Oulton Wade

created: 16 May 1990

No arms


Wakeham, Baron, of Maldon in the County of Essex

Rt Hon John Wakeham DL

created: 24 Apr 1992

Arms: Per fess embattled Azure and Argent a Pale counterchanged in the azure a Lion's Head guardant Or langued Gules and in the argent a Bugle Horn Azure garnished and stringed Gold; Crest: A Greyhound statant Or crowned with a Mural Crown chequy Azure and Argent and supporting by the dexter foreleg a Cross Raguly Argent nailed of three Gold; Supporters: Dexter: a Sea-Lion Azure Mane and Head in trian aspect Argent langued Gules crowned with a Crown Tridenty Gold; Sinister: a Sea-Horse Azure Head and Neck Argent and crowned also with a Crown Tridenty Gold, the whole upon a Compartment comprising of three Bars wavy Azure Argent and Azure in front thereof a Grassy Mount growing therefrom three Double Roses Argent upon Gules barbed and seeded stalked and leaved proper; Motto: Vigilo (I watch)


Waldegrave of North Hill, Baron, of Chewton Mendip in the County of Somerset

Rt Hon William Arthur Waldegrave

created: 28 Jul 1999


Walker of Aldringham, Baron, of Aldringham in the County of Suffolk

General Sir Michael John Dawson Walker GCB CMG CBE

created: 19 Dec 2006

Arms: Per pale Azure and Gules an Orle fracted and there conjoined to two Chevronels couped between four Acorns slipped Or; Crest: [Upon a Helm with a Wreath Or and Gules] issuing from a Mural Crown Or a Cocker Spaniel's Head Azure in the mouth three Pheasant Feathers Or; Supporters: On either side a Helmeted Guinea Fowl Azure beaked casqued and semy of Roundels Or the Neck and Wattles Gules; Motto: Stabilis et Fidus; Badge: Two Arms in Armour embowed downwards and conjoined at the shoulder Argent each hand gauntleted and grasping a Rose Gules barbed seeded slipped and leaved Or


Walker of Doncaster, Baron, of Audenshaw in the County of Greater Manchester

Rt Hon Sir Harold Walker DL

created: 26 Sep 1997

extinct: 11 Nov 2003

No arms


Walker of Worcester, Baron, of Abbots Morton in the County of Hereford and Worcester

Rt Hon Peter Edward Walker MBE

created: 8 Jul 1992

extinct: 23 Jun 2010

Arms: Per pale Sable and Or semy of Portcullises and Three Turreted Towers all counterchanged; Crest: Growing from a Grassy Mound proper over which curls a Footpath a Cedar Tree all proper irradiated Or; Supporters: Dexter: a Dragon Gules; Sinister: a Sea-Lion proper the Head and Mane Or supporting a Trident also proper, the whole upon a Compartment per bend dexter a Grassy Mound growing therefrom Red and Yellow Cowslips all proper sinister Water barry wavy Azure and Argent over all in bend a Footpath proper; Motto: Diligentia Cum Humanitate (Diligance with humanity)


Wall, Baron, of Coombe in Greater London

Sir John Edward Wall OBE

created: 5 Feb 1976

extinct: 29 Dec 1980


Wall of New Barnet, Baroness, of New Barnet in the London Borough of Barnet

Margaret Mary Wall

created: 10 Jun 2004

extinct: 25 Jan 2017


Wallace of Campsie, Baron, of Newlands in the County of the City of Glasgow

George Wallace

created: 28 Jun 1974

extinct: 23 Dec 1997

No arms


Wallace of Coslany, Baron, of Coslany in the City of Norwich

George Douglas Wallace

created: 17 Jan 1975

extinct: 11 Nov 2003

Arms: Or a Turkey Oak Tree eradicated Vert in base a Portcullis chained orle-wise Azure on a Chief of the last a Representation of Norwich Castle Argent masoned proper its Portal Or closed by a Portcullis Azure all between in the flanks two Roses Gules barbed and seeded stalked and leaved proper; Crest: Statant within a Chaplet of Turkey Oak Vert a lion in train aspect Gules Head Mane and Tail Tufts Or supporting the Shaft of a Spear Gules Headed Or pendent therefrom on a Crossbar by a Cord Azure and Or a Gonfalon of the Arms: Supporters: Dexter: a Horse Argent ; Sinister: a Lion Or Head and Mane Gules, each rampant on a Hillock of two Grassy Mounds the innermost higher than the other both within a Circular Wall proper masoned Or growing from the dexter Hillock between two Double roses Argent upon Gules an Oak Sprig proper fructed Or and from the sinister Hillock between two like Oak Sprigs another Double Rose Argent upon Gules all three roses barbed seeded stalked and leaved proper; Motto: Usque Ad Finem (Right on to the end)


Wallace of Saltaire, Baron, of Shipley in the County of West Yorkshire

William John Lawrence Wallace

created: 19 Dec 1995

No arms


Wallace of Tankerness, Baron, of Tankerness in Orkney

Rt Hon James Robert Wallace QC

created: 17 Oct 2007


Walmsley, Baroness, of West Derby in the County of Merseyside

Mrs Joan Margaret Walmsley

created: 15 May 2000


Walston, Baron, of Newton in the County of Cambridgeshire

Henry David Leonard George Walston CVO JP

created: 10 Feb 1961

extinct: 29 May 1991

Arms: Quarterly Or and Azure in chief two Lions rampant combatant and in base two similar Lions all counter-changed within a Bordure Ermine; Crest: Upon a Rock an Oak Tree proper between two Wings Azure; Supporters: Dexter: a Farm Labourer supporting by the exterior hand a Sheaf of Barley; Sinister: a West Indian supporting likewise a Stalk of Bananas all proper; Motto: Wachstum und Stetigket


Walton of Detchant, Baron, of Detchant in the County of Northumberland

Sir John Nicholas Walton TD

created: 24 Jul 1989

extinct: 21 Apr 2016

Arms: Paly wavy Argent and Gules a Castle triple towered Purpure on a Chief of the last three Crosses Formy quadrate Gold; Crest: Issuant from Clouds proper a Sea-Horse Argent the Piscine Part proper crined and finned Or holding between the forelegs a Cross Formy quadrate fitchy at the foot Purpure; Supporters: Dexter: a Boar Gold suspended from the neck by a Riband Purpure a Clarion pipes downwards Gules; Sinister: a Greyling Goose proper; Motto: Disce Doce Medere (To learn, to teach, to heal)


Ward of North Tyneside, Baroness, of North Tyneside in the County of Tyne and Weir

Dame Irene Mary Bewick Ward

created: 23 Jan 1975

extinct: 26 Apr 1980


Warner, Baron, of Brockley in the London Borough of Lewisham

Norman Reginald Warner

created: 29 Jul 1998


Warnock, Baroness, of Weeke in the City of Winchester

Dame (Helen) Mary Warnock DBE (née Wilson)

created: 6 Feb 1985

No arms


Warsi, Baroness, of Dewsbury in the County of West Yorkshire

Mrs Sayeeda Hussain Warsi

created: 11 Oct 2007


Warwick of Undercliffe, Baroness, of Undercliffe in the County of West Yorkshire

Miss Diana Mary Warwick

created: 10 Jul 1999


Wasserman, Baron, of Pimlico in the City of Westminster

Gordon Joshua Wasserman

created: 11 Jan 2011


Watkins, Baron, of Glyntawe in the County of Brecon

Tudor Elwyn Watkins

created: 10 May 1972

extinct: 2 Nov 1983


Watkins of Tavistock, Baroness, of Buckland Monachorum in the County of Devon

Mary Jane Watkins

created: 2 Nov 2015


Watson of Invergowrie, Baron, of Invergowrie in Perth and Kinross

Michael Goodall Watson

created: 6 Nov 1997

No arms


Watson of Richmond, Baron, of Richmond in the London Borough of Richmond-upon-Thames

Professor Alan John Watson CBE

created: 23 Jul 1999


Watts, Baron, of Ravenhead in the County of Merseyside

David Leonard Watts

created: 23 Oct 2015


Weatherill, Baron, of North East Croydon in the London Borough of Croydon

Rt Hon (Bruce) Bernard Weatherill DL

created: 15 Jul 1992

extinct: 6 May 2007

Arms: Azure a Cross Floretty Or surmounting two Lances in saltire proper flying from each a Forked Pennon per fess Gules and Argent; Crest: A Horse rampant Argent supporting a Mace erect Or; Supporters: Dexter: a Captain of the 19th King George V's Own Lancers (Indian Army); Sinister: a Knight of Justice of the Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem, both proper; Motto: A stitch in time


Wedderburn of Charlton, Baron, of Highgate in the County of Greater London

Prof Kenneth William Wedderburn QC FBA

created: 20 Jul 1977

extinct: 9 Mar 2012

No arms


Wei, Baron, of Shoreditch in the London Borough of Hackney

Nathanael Ming-Yan Wei

created: 28 May 2010


Weidenfeld, Baron, of Chelsea in the County of Greater London

Sir (Arthur) George Weidenfeld

created: 25 Jun 1976

extinct:  20 Jan 2016

Arms: Per fess Or and Vert a Fess embattled Argent masoned proper overall a Weeping Willow eradicated proper; Crest: A Demi Wolf regardant Sable holding in the mouth a Scroll Argent; Supporters: Dexter: an Old Man proper bearded Argent habited in a Gown and Cap Sable supporting in his exterior hand a Tablet proper; Sinister: a Youth proper habited in a Blouse Argent and Breeches Or Boots and Peaked Cap Sable holding in the exterior hand a Rapier point downwards proper scabbarded Sable; Motto: Cedant Arma Togae (Arms must yield to the gown)


Weinstock, Baron, of Bowden in the County of Wiltshire

Sir Arnold Weinstock

created: 17 Jul 1980

extinct: 24 Jul 2002

Arms: Dancetty Argent and Gules on each of three Piles two issuant in chief and one in base Azure a Sun in Splendour its straight rays each tipped with Flame Gold; Crest: [Upon a Wreath Argent Or and Azure] on a Mount Vert two Musical Pipes saltirewise Or between two Stakes entwined by Vines fructed proper and ensigned by a Crown Rayonny Gules; Supporters: Dexter: a Male Griffin Azure beaked rayed and gorged with a Crown Tridenty and Forelegs Or; Sinister: a Horse Or gorged with a Wreath of Trefoils the stalks entwined Vert


Wells-Pestell, Baron, of Combs in the County of Suffolk

Reginald Alfred Wells-Pestell CBE

created: 10 May 1965

extinct: 17 Jan 1991

No arms


West of Spithead, Baron, of Seaview in the County of Isle of Wight

Admiral Sir Alan William John West GCB DSC

created: 9 Jul 2007


Whaddon, Baron, of Whaddon in the County of Cambridgeshire

(John) Derek Page

created: 26 Apr 1978

extinct: 12 Aug 2005

Arms: Quarterly Vert and Or on a Fess engrailed Ermine between in dexter chief a Mullet and in sinister base a Harp Or and in sinister chief and dexter base a Rose Gules barbed and seeded proper three Garbs Gold; Crest: [Upon a Wreath Or Vert and Gules] a Crown Vallary Or issuing therefrom within a Chaplet Vert set with Roses Gules barbed and seeded proper a Triple Trefoil slipped Vert; Supporters: Dexter: a Lion guardant proper winged Or; Sinister: a Mermaid proper crined and with a Tail Fin Or a Round Shield with its Boss Gold on her forearm and holding in the Hand proper a Sword point upward Argent Hilt Pommel and Quillons Gold; Motto: Caveat Qui Certus Est (Take care that you are right)


Wheatcroft, Baroness, of Blackheath in the London Borough of Greenwich

Patience Jane Wheatcroft

created: 22 Dec 2010


Wheatley, Baron, of Shettleston in the County of the City of Glasgow

John Thomas Wheatley

created: 28 Jul 1970

extinct: 28 Jul 1988


Wheeler, Baroness, of Blackfriars in the City of London

Margaret Eileen Joyce Wheeler MBE

created:  20 Jun 2010


Whitaker, Baroness, of Beeston in the County of Nottinghamshire

Janet Alison Whitaker

created: 5 Aug 1999


Whitby, Baron, of Harborne in the City of Birmingham

Michael John Whitby

created:  10 Sep 2013


White, Baroness, of Rhymney in the County of Monmouth

Mrs Eirene Lloyd White (née Jones)

created: 12 Oct 1970

extinct: 23 Dec 1999

No arms


White of Hull, Baron, of Hull in the County of Humberside

Sir Vincent Gordon Lindsey White KBE

created: 25 Jan 1991

extinct: 23 Aug 1995

Arms: Azure an Equestrian Figure in Plate Armour brandishing a Sword in bend sinister his helm crested by a Plume of five Ostrich Feathers his horse salient and with Trapper and Chaffron all Argent and within a Bordure of the last charged with thirteen Mullets Azure; Crest: Issuing out of a Circlet of Roses Argent barbed and seeded proper set upon a Rim Or an American Eagle's Head proper and a Lion's Head addorsed Or; Supporters: Dexter: a Bear proper; Sinister: a Lion Or, on the head of each a Baron's Coronet proper; Motto: Alta Peto


Whitty, Baron, of Camberwell in the London Borough of Southwark

John Lawrence Whitty

created: 21 Oct 1996

No arms


Widgery, Baron, of South Molton in the County of Devon

Rt Hon Sir John Passmore Widgery OBE TD

created: 20 Apr 1971

extinct: 26 Jul 1981


Wigg, Baron, of the Borough of Dudley

Rt Hon George Edward Cecil Wigg

created: 27 Nov 1967

extinct: 11 Aug 1983


Wigoder, Baron, of Cheetham in the City of Manchester

Basil Thomas Wigoder QC

created: 16 May 1974

extinct: 12 Aug 2004

Arms: Gules a Chevron engrailed Ermine between three Wigs Or a Chief of the last; Crest: [Upon a Wreath Or and Gules] upon a Mount Vert a Gosling Or supporting by the dexter foot a Daffodil proper; Mantling: Gules doubled Argent' Supporters: Dexter: a Sea Horse; Sinister: a Sea Griffin, both Or their piscine parts Azure scaled finned and tailed Or each gorged with a Collar Sable pendent therefrom a Chain ending in a Broken Ring Sable; Motto: Medio Titissimus Ibis (You will go most safely the middle way)


Wilcox, Baroness, of Plymouth in the County of Devon

Judith Ann, Lady Wilcox

created: 16 Jan 1996

No arms


Wilkins, Baroness, of Chesham Bois in the County of Buckinghamshire

Rosalie Catherine Wilkins

created: 30 Jul 1999


Willetts, Baron, of Havant in the County of Hampshire

Rt Hon David Lindsay Willetts

created: 16 Oct 2015


Williams of Baglan, Baron, of Neath Port Talbot in Glamorgan

Michael Charles Williams

created: 23 Jul 2010

extinct: 23 Apr 2017


Williams of Barnburgh, Baron, of Barnburgh in the West Riding of Yorkshire

Rt Hon Thomas Williams

created: 2 Feb 1961

extinct: 29 Mar 1967

No arms


Williams of Crosby, Baroness, of Stevenage in the County of Hertfordshire

Rt Hon Mrs Shirley Vivien Teresa Brittain Williams

created: 1 Feb 1993

Arms: Per chevron Azure and Or three Lions passant guardant in pale counterchanged a Bordure engrailed Ermine; Motto: Quamdiu (Until)


Williams of Elvel, Baron, of Llansantffraed in Elvel in the County of Powys

Charles Cutherbert Powell Williams CBE

created: 22 May 1985

No arms


Williams of Mostyn, Baron, of Great Tew in the County of Oxfordshire

Rt Hon Gareth Wyn Williams QC

created: 30 Jul 1992

extinct: 20 Sep 2003

Arms: Ermine on a Pile flory at the point Sable a Lion rampant Or armed and langued Gules; Crest: A Portcullis Or in front of an Arm embowed vested and the Cuff braided Sable frilled at the wrist the Hand proper holding by its Blade upwards Argent a Sword palewise to the front of the portcullis its Hilt Pommel and Quillons Gold; Supporters: Dexter: upon a Grassy Mount growing therefrom two Sweet Pea Flowers proper a Griffin statant erect Gold; Sinister: upon a like Mount a Dragon statant erect also gold, both armed and langued Gules; Motto: Y Gwir Yn Erbyn Y Byd (The truth against the world)


Williams of Trafford, Baroness, of Hale in the County of Greater Manchester

Susan Frances Maria Williams

created: 20 Sep 2013


Williamson, Baron, of Eccleston in the Borough of St Helens in the County Palatine of Lancaster

Sir Thomas Williamson CBE JP

created: 15 May 1962

extinct: 27 Feb 1983


Williamson of Horton, Baron, of Horton in the County of Somerset

Sir David Francis Williamson GCMG CB

created: 5 Feb 1999

extinct: 30 Aug 2015


Willis, Baron, of Chislehurst in the County of Kent

Edward Henry Willis

created: 21 Jan 1964

extinct: 22 Dec 1992

Arms: Or a Saltire Gules on a Chief Vert three Fountains; Crest: In front of a Weeping Willow Tree a Well Head proper; Supporters: On either side a Willet (Common Snipe) proper supporting with the beak a Quill Or; Motto: Will well


Willis of Knaresborough, Baron, of Harrogate in the County of North Yorkshire

George Philip Willis

created:  18 Jun 2010


Wills, Baron, of North Swindon in the County of Wiltshire and of Woodside Park in the London Borough of Brent

Rt Hon Michael David Wills

created: 10 Jul 2010


Wilson of Dinton, Baron, of Dinton in the County of Buckinghamshire

Sir Thomas James Wilson GCB

created: 18 Nov 2002


Wilson of High Wray, Baron, of Kendal in the County of Cumbria

Paul Norman Wilson OBE

created: 3 Feb 1976

extinct: 24 Feb 1980


Wilson of Langside, Baron, of Broughton in the County of Edinburgh

Rt Hon Henry Stephen Wilson QC

created: 3 Mar 1969

extinct: 23 Nov 1997

No arms


Wilson of Radcliffe, Baron, of Radcliffe in the County Palatine of Lancaster

Alfred Wilson

created: 14 Jan 1975

extinct: 25 Jan 1983


Wilson of Rievaulx, Baron, of Kirklees in the County of West Yorkshire

Rt Hon (James) Harold Wilson KG OBE FRS

created: 16 Sep 1983

extinct: 24 May 1995

Arms: Argent an Ancient Ship proper on a Chief Gules a Stag's Head caboshed Or between two Water Bougets Argent; Crest: Upon a Rock a Lighthouse in front thereof a Spade blade downwards and a Quill point downwards in saltire all proper; Supporters: Dexter: a Winged Lion Purpure charged on the wing with three Roses Argent barbed and seeded proper; Sinister: a Griffin Or charged on the wing with three Roses Gules barbed and seeded proper; Motto: Tempus Rerum Semperatur


Wilson of Tillyorn, Baron, of Finzean in the District of Kincardine and Deeside and of Fanling in Hong Kong

Sir David (Clive) Wilson KT GCMG

created: 14 Feb 1992

Arms: Sable on a Chevron Argent between a Dragon passant guardant Or in chief and a Demi Wolf holding in its paws a Pearl proper in base a Celtic Cross Azure; Crest: A Talbot's Head erased Sable langued Gules gorged of a Collar Argent charged with two Mullets Gules; Motto: Semper Vigilans (Always watchful)


Winstanley, Baron, of Urmston in Greater Manchester

Michael Platt Winstanley MRCS LRCP

created: 23 Jan 1976

extinct: 18 Jul 1993

No arms


Winston, Baron, of Hammersmith in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham

Prof Robert Maurice Lipson Winston

created: 18 Dec 1995

No arms


Winterbottom, Baron, of Clopton in the County of Northamptonshire

Ian Winterbottom

created: 14 May 1965

extinct: 4 Jul 1992

No arms


Wolf of Dulwich, Baroness, of Dulwich in the London Borough of Southwark

Alison Margaret Wolf CBE

created:  2 Dec 2014


Wolfenden, Baron, of Westcott in Surrey

Sir John Frederick Wolfenden CBE

created: 12 Jul 1974

extinct: 18 Jan 1985


Wolfson, Baron, of Marylebone in the City of Westminster

Sir Leonard Gordon Wolfson, 2nd Bt.

created: 13 Jun 1985

extinct: 20 May 2010

Arms:  Per pale dovetailed Vert and Or on a Chevron counterchanged between two Roses also Or and Gules respectively and in base an Ancient Hand Bell proper two Pears Sable and Gold;  Crest:  In front of two Rods of Aesculapius in saltire proper a Torch inflamed also proper;  Motto:  Omnibus Rebus Cura Et Provide (Care and provide for all things)


Wolfson of Aspley Guise, Baron, of Aspley Guise in the County of Bedfordshire

Hon Simon Adam Wolfson

created:  18 Jun 2010


Wolfson of Sunningdale, Baron, of Trevose in the County of Cornwall

Sir David Wolfson

created: 26 Mar 1991

No arms


Wood of Anfield, Baron, of Tonbridge in the County of Kent

Stewart Martin Wood

created: 15 Jan 2011


Woolley, Baron, of Hatton in the County Palatine of Cheshire

Sir Harold Woolley CBE DL

created: 18 Jan 1967

extinct: 21 Jul 1986


Woolmer of Leeds, Baron, of Leeds in the County of West Yorkshire

Kenneth John Woolmer

created: 3 Aug 1999

Arms: Chequy of twelve three by four Or and Argent issuing from the base of each chequer a Billet Vert four Roses in pale Argent barbed and seeded Or; Crest: A Sea-ram couchant Argent armed unguled and tailed Or the piscine parts Vert; Supporters: On either side an Owl guardant wings elevated and addorsed Argent crowned beaked and clawed Or: Motto: Et Augebitur Scientia; Badge: Four Escallops in cross Argent flukes inwards surmounted by a Ram's Head caboshed Vert armed Or


Wootton of Abinger, Baroness, of Abinger Common in the County of Surrey

Mrs Barbara Frances Wootton Wright CH

created: 8 Aug 1958

extinct: 11 Jul 1988


Worthington, Baroness, of Cambridge in the County of Cambridgeshire

Bryony Katherine Worthington

created: 31 Jan 2011


Wrigglesworth, Baron, of Norton-on-Tees in the County of Durham

Sir Ian William Wrigglesworth

created:  5 Sep 2013


Wright of Ashton-under-Lyne, Baron, of Ashton-under-Lyne in the County Palatine of Lancaster

Lewis Tatham Wright (né Styles)

created: 22 Jan 1968

extinct: 16 Sep 1974


Wright of Richmond, Baron, of Richmond upon Thames in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames

Sir Patrick Richard Henry Wright GCMG

created: 10 Feb 1994

Arms: Per fess Gules and Or on a Pale counterchanged between in chief two Oak Leaves Or each charged with a Quaver Azure and in base as many Oak Leaves Gules each charged with a Quaver Gold a Doric Column proper and overall a Chevron per pale Azure and Gules; Crest: Beneath a Palm Tree a Pelican in its piety with its Young all proper; Supporters: Dexter: a Bichon Frisé rampant and in trian aspect proper; Sinister: a Stag guardant Gold; Motto: Constantia Et Fidelitate (By constancy and fidelity)


Wyatt of Weeford, Baron, of Weeford in the County of Staffordshire

Sir Woodrow Lyle Wyatt

created: 3 Feb 1987

extinct: 7 Dec 1997

Arms: Gules on a Fess Or between three Boars' Heads erased Argent two Lions passant Sable; Crest: Our of a Mural Coronet Argent a Demi Lion rampant Sable charged on the shoulder with an Estoile of the last and holding an Arrow point downwards proper; Supporters: Dexter: a Boar Argent bristled hooved and tusked Or gorged with a Collar dancetty Gules; Sinister: a Lion Sable gorged with a Collar dancetty Gold; Motto: Vi Attamen Honore


Wyld, Baroness, of Gosforth in the City of Newcastle upon Tyne

Laura Lee Wyld

created: 22 Jun 2017


Wynne-Jones, Baron, of Abergele in the County of Denbighshire

William Francis Kenrick Wynne-Jones

created: 17 Dec 1964

extinct: 8 Nov 1982




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