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Lord Guildford Dudley


1A. Lord Guildford Dudley (b. 1536 ; beh. 12 Feb 1553/4), mar. 21 May 1553 Lady Jane Grey, later Jane, Queen of England 1553


1B. John [Dudley], 1st Duke of Northumberland (b. 1502; beh. 22 Aug 1553), mar.,

2B. Jane Guildford (b. c. 1504; d. 15 Jan 1554/5)


1C. Edmund Dudley, Speaker of the House of Commons (beh. 28 Aug 1510), mar.,

2C. Elizabeth Grey

3C. Sir Edward Guildford, of Halden, co. Kent, Marshal of Calais, mar.,

4C. Eleanor West


1D. John Sutton later Dudley, of Atherington, co. Sussex, Sheriff of Sussex 1484 (bur. 1501), mar.,

2D. Elizabeth Bramshot

3D. Edward [Grey], 1st Viscount Lisle (d. 1492), mar.,

4D. Elizabeth Talbot (d. bef. 1487)

5D. Sir Richard Guildford KG, of Tenterden, co. Kent (d. c. 1508), mar.,

6D. Anne Pimpe

7D. Thomas [West], 8th Baron de la Warr (d. 11 Oct 1525), mar.,

8D. Eleanor Mortimer


1E. John [Sutton], 1st Baron Dudley (b. 25 Dec 1400; d. 30 Sep 1487), mar. aft. 14 Mar 1421,

2E. Elizabeth Berkeley (d. c. 8 Dec 1478)

3E. John Bramshot, of Bramshot and Gatton, Isle of Wight


5E. Sir Edward Grey, jure uxoris Baron Ferrers of Groby (b. c. 1415; d. 18 Dec 1457), mar.,

6E. Elizabeth Ferrers, suo jure Baroness Ferrers of Groby (b. c. 1419; d. 23 Jan 1482/3)

7E. John [Talbot], 1st Viscount Lisle (b. c. 1426; d. 17 Jul 1453), mar.,

8E. Joan Cheddar (d. 15 Jul 1464)

9E. Sir John Guildford, of Tenterden, co. Kent, Comptroller of the Household (d. c. 1493)


11E. John Pimpe, of Pimpe's Court, co. Kent


13E. Richard [West], 7th Baron de la Warr (b. 28 Oct 1430 ; d. 10 Mar 1475/6), mar. bef. 10 Jun 1451,

14E. Catherine Hungerford (d. 12 May 1403)

15E. Hugh Mortimer, of Mortimer's Hall, co. Hampshire

16E. Eleanor Cornwall


1F. Sir John Sutton, of Dudley Castle, co. Warwick

2F. Constance Blount, dau. of Sir William Blount, of Barton, co. Derby

3F. Sir John Berkeley, of Beverstone, co. Gloucester

4F. Elizabeth Betteshorne, dau. of Sir John Betteshorne





9F. Reynold [Grey], 3rd Baron Grey of Ruthin

10F. Joan Astley, dau. of Sir William de Astley, of Astley, co. Warwick

11F. Sir Henry Ferrers

12F. Lady Isabel Mowbray, dau. of Thomas [Mowbray], 1st Duke of Norfolk

13F. John [Talbot], 1st Earl of Shrewsbury

14F. Lady Margaret de Beauchamp, dau. of Richard [de Beauchamp], 13th Earl of Warwick

15F. Thomas Cheddar, of Cheddar, co. Somerset

16F. Isabel Scobhull, dau. of Robert Scobhull









25F. Reginald [West], 6th Baron de la Warr

26F. Margaret Throwley, dau. of Robert Throwley, of Tybeste, co. Cornwall

27F. Robert [Hungerford], 2nd Baron Hungerford

28F. Margaret Botreaux, suo jure Baroness Botreaux, dau. of William [Botreaux], 3rd Baron Botreaux



31F. John Cornwall



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