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Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon


1A. Lady Elizabeth Angela Margueritte Bowes-Lyon (b. 4 Aug 1900; d. 30 Mar 2002); mar. 26 Apr 1923 HRH The Prince Albert Frederick Arthur George, 1st Duke of York later King George VI



1B. Charles Claude [Bowes-Lyon], 14th Earl of Strathmore & Kinghorne, KG KT GCVO (b. 14 Mar 1855; d. 7 Nov 1944); mar. 16 Jul 1891,

2B. Nina Cecilia Cavendish-Bentinck GCVO (b. 11 Sep 1862; d. 23 Jun 1938)



1C. Claude [Lyon-Bowes later Bowes-Lyon], 13th Earl of Strathmore & Kinghorne (b. 21 Jul 1824; d. 16 Feb 1904); mar. 28 Sep 1853,

2C. Frances Smith (d. 5 Feb 1922)

3C. Rev Charles William Frederick Cavendish-Bentinck (b. 8 Nov 1817; d. 17 Aug 1865); mar. 13 Dec 1859,

4C. Caroline Louise Burnaby 



1D. Hon Thomas Lyon-Bowes, styled Lord Glamis (b. 6 Feb 1801; dvp. 7 Jan 1834); mar. 21 Dec 1820

2D. Charlotte Grinstead

3D. Oswald Smith, of Blendon Hall, co. Kent (b. 7 Jul 1794; d. 18 Jun 1863); mar. 18 Mar 1824

4D. Henrietta Mildred Hodgson

5D. Lt Col Lord William Charles Augustus Cavendish-Bentinck (b. 1780; d. 28 Apr 1826); mar. 23 Jul 1816

6D. Anne Wellesley (illeg.; d. 19 Mar 1875)

7D. Capt Rt Hon Edwyn Burnaby JP, of Baggrave Hall, co. Leicester (b. 29 Sep 1799; d. 18 Jul 1867); mar. 28 Aug 1829

8D. Anne Caroline Salisbury (b. c. 1806; d. 3 May 1881)



1E. Thomas [Bowes later Lyon-Bowes], 11th Earl of Strathmore & Kinghorne (b. 3 May 1713; d. 27 Aug 1846); mar. 1 Jan 1800

2E. Mary Elizabeth Louisa Rodney Carpenter (b. 1 Jan 1783; d. 1Jun 1811)

3E. Joseph Grinstead (b. 5 Jul 1757; d. after 1809); mar. 31 Aug 1788,

4E. Charlotte Joan Sarah Walsh

5E. George Smith MP, of Selsdon, co. Surrey (b. 30 Apr 1765; d. 26 Dec 1836), mar. 12 May 1792,

6E. Frances Mary Mosley (d. 5 Jul 1844)

7E. Very Rev Robert Hodgson DD, Dean of Carlisle (b. 1766; d. 10 Oct 1844), mar. 1804,

8E. Mary Tucker (b. 1778; d. after 1844)

9E. William Henry [Bentinck later Cavendish-Bentinck], 3rd Duke of Portland, KG PC (b. 14 Apr 1738; d. 30 Oct 1809); mar. 8 Nov 1766

10E. Lady Dorothy Cavendish (d. 3 Jun 1794)

11E. Richard [Wellesley], 1st Marquess Wellesley, KG KP PC (b. 20 Jun 1760; d. 28 Nov 1842), mar. 20 Nov 1794,

12E. Hyacinthe Gabrielle Roland (d. 7 Nov 1816)

13E. Rt Hon Edwyn Andrew Burnaby, of Baggrave, co. Leicester (b. 9 May 1771; d. 1 Oct 1825); mar. 30 Dec 1794

14E. Mary Browne (d. 11 Jan 1858)

15E. Thomas Salisbury, of Marshfield House, co. York

16E. Frances Webb



1F. John [Lyon later Bowes], 9th Earl of Strathmore & Kinghorne

2F. Mary Eleanor Bowes, only dau. and hrss. of George Bowes, of Streatlam Castle, co. Durham

3F. George Carpenter, of Redbourn, co. Hertford

4F. Joan Bayliss



7F. Frederick Walsh


9F. Abel Smith MP, of Nottingham, banker

10F. Mary Bird, dau. of Thomas Bird, of Barton, co. Warwick

11F. Sir John Parker Mosley, 1st Bt.

12F. Elizabeth Bayley, dau. of John Bayley, of Withington, co. Lancaster

13F. Robert Hodgson

14F. Mildred Porteous, dau. of Robert Porteous

15F. Col Martin Tucker


17F. William [Bentinck], 2nd Duke of Portland

18F. Lady Margaret Cavendish Harley, only dau. and hrss. of Edward [Harley], 2nd Earl of Oxford and Earl Mortimer

19F. William [Cavendish], 4th Duke of Devonshire

20F. Lady Charlotte Elizabeth Boyle, suo jure Baroness Clifford, only surv. dau. and hrss. of Richard [Boyle], 4th Earl of Cork

21F. Garret [Wesley], 1st Earl of Mornington

22F. Hon Anne Hill-Trevor, 1st dau. of Arthur [Hill later Hill-Trevor], 1st Viscount Dungannon

23F. Christopher Alexander Fagan

24F. Hyacinthe Gabrielle Varis

25F. Ven Andrew Burnaby DD, of Brampton Manor, co. Huntingdon, Archdeacon of Leicester 1786-1812

26F. Anna Edwyn, dau. and hrss. of John Edwyn, of Baggrave Hall, co. Leicester

27F. Rev William Browne, Rector of Burrow


29F. Thomas Salisbury, of Marshfield House, co. York





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