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Lady Diana Spencer


1A. Lady Diana Frances Spencer (b. 1 Jul 1961; d. 31 Aug 1997), mar. 29 Jul 1981 (div. 1996) as his first wife HRH Prince Charles Philip Arthur George, Prince of Wales



1B. Edward John [Spencer], 8th Earl Spencer (b. 24 Jan 1924; d. 29 Mar 1992); mar. (1) 1 Jun 1954 (div. 1969),

2B. Hon Frances Ruth Burke Roche (b. 30 Jan 1936)



1C. Albert Edward John [Spencer], 7th Earl Spencer (b. 23 May 1892; d. 9 Jun 1975), mar. 26 Feb 1919,

2C. Lady Cynthia Elinor Beatrix Hamilton DCVO OBE (b. 16 Aug 1897; d. 4 Dec 1972)

3C. Edmund Maurice [Roche], 4th Baron Fermoy (b. 15 May 1885; d. 8 Jul 1955), mar. 17 Sep 1931,

4C. Ruth Sylvia Gill DCVO OBE (b. 2 Oct 1908; d. 1993)



1D. Charles Robert [Spencer], 6th Earl Spencer, KG GCVO PC (b. 30 Oct 1857; d. 26 Sep 1922), mar. 25 Jul 1887,

2D. Hon Margaret Baring (b. 14 Dec 1868; d. 4 Jul 1906)

3D. James Albert Edward [Hamilton], 3rd Duke of Abercorn, KG KP PC (b. 30 Nov 1869; d. 12 Sep 1953), mar. 1 Nov 1894,

4D. Lady Rosalind Cecilia Caroline Bingham DBE (b. 26 Feb 1869; d. 18 Jan 1958)

5D. James Boothby Burke [Roche], 3rd Baron Fermoy (b. 28 Jul 1852; d. 30 Oct 1920), mar. 22 Sep 1880 (div. 1891),

6D. Frances Ellen Work (b. 1858; d. 26 Jan 1947)

7D. Col William Smith Gill CB DL (b. 16 Feb 1865; d. 25 Dec 1957), mar. 30 Jun 1898,

8D. Ruth Littlejohn (b. 4 Dec 1879; d. 24 Aug 1964)



1E. Frederick [Spencer], 4th Earl Spencer, KG CB (b. 14 Apr 1798; d. 27 Dec 1857), mar. (2) 9 Aug 1854,

2E. Adelaide Horatia Elizabeth Seymour (b. 27 Jan 1825; d. 29 Oct 1877)

3E. Edward Charles [Baring], 1st Baron Revelstoke (b. 13 Apr 1828; d. 17 Jul 1897), mar. 30 Apr 1861,

4E. Louisa Emily Charlotte Bulteel (b. 1835/6; d. 16 Oct 1892)

5E. James [Hamilton], 2nd Duke of Abercorn, KG CB PC (b. 24 Aug 1838; d. 3 Jan 1913), mar. 7 Jan 1869,

6E. Lady Mary Anna Curzon-Howe (b. 23 Jul 1848; d. 10 May 1929)

7E. George [Bingham], 4th Earl of Lucan, KP (b. 8 May 1830; d. 5 Jun 1914), mar. 17 Nov 1859

8E. Lady Cecilia Catherine Gordon-Lennox (b. 13 Apr 1838; d. 5 Oct 1910)

9E. Edmund Burke [Roche], 1st Baron Fermoy (b. Aug 1815; d. 17 Sep 1874), mar. 22 Aug 1848,

10E. Elizabeth Caroline Boothby (b. 9 Aug 1821; d. 26 Apr 1897)

11E. Frank Worth (b. 28 Feb 1819; d. 16 Mar 1911), mar. 19 Feb 1857,

12E. Ellen Wood (b. 18...; d. 22 Feb 1877)

13E. Alexander Ogston Gill DL, mar. 3 Dec 1862

14E. Barbara Smith Marr (d. bef. 30 Jun 1898)

15E. David Littlejohn DL (b. 3 Apr 1841; d. 11 May 1924), mar. (2) 29 Aug 1872,

16E. Jane Crombie (b. 18...; d. 19 Sep 1917)



1F. George John [Spencer], 2nd Earl Spencer, KG

2F. Lady Lavinia Bingham, dau. of Charles [Bingham], 1st Earl of Lucan

3F. Col Sir Horace Beauchamp Seymour KCH

4F. Elizabeth Malet Palk, dau. of Sir Lawrence Palk, 2nd Bt.

5F. Henry Baring, of Cromer Hall, co. Norfolk

6F. Cecilia Anne Windham, dau. of Vice Admiral William Lukin later Windham, of Felbrigg Hall, co. Norfolk

7F. John Crocker Bulteel, of Lyneham and Flete, co. Devon

8F. Lady Elizabeth Grey, dau. of Charles [Grey], 2nd Earl Grey

9F. James [Hamilton], 1st Duke of Abercorn

10F. Lady Louisa Jane Russell, dau. of John [Russell], 6th Duke of Bedford

11F. Richard William Penn [Curzon-Howe], 1st Earl Howe

12F. Hon Anne Gore, dau. of Admiral Sir John Gore KCB GCH

13F. George Charles [Bingham], 3rd Earl of Lucan, GCB

14F. Lady Anne Brudenell, dau. of Robert [Brudenell], 6th Earl of Cardigan

15F. Charles [Gordon-Lennox], 5th Duke of Richmond, KG

16F. Lady Caroline Paget, dau. of William Henry [Paget], 1st Marquess of Anglesey

17F. Edward Roche, of Trabolgan and Kildinan

18F. Margaret Honoria Curtain, dau. of William Curtain, of Cork

19F. James Brownell Boothby, of Twyford Abbey, co. Middlesex

20F. Charlotte Cunningham, dau. of Alexander Cunningham

21F. John Work, of Plymouth, co. Devon, and Ohio, USA

22F. Sarah Boude

23F. John Wood, of Chillicothe, Ohio, USA

24F. Ellen Strong, dau. of Dr Joseph Strong, of Philadelphia, USA

25F. David Gill, of Aberdeen

26F. Sarah Ogsten, dau. of Alexander Ogsten, of Tarves and Aberdeen

27F. William Smith Marr, of Uppermill, Tarves, co. Aberdeen

28F. Helen Bean

29F. William Littlejohn, of Aberdeen

30F. Janet Bentley, dau. of Prof James Bentley, of Aberdeen

31F. James Crombie, of Goval Bank, New Macher, co. Aberdeen

32F. Katherine Scott Forbes, illegitimate dau. of Theodore Forbes, merchant


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