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Lady Anne Neville


1A. Lady Anne Neville (b. 11 Jun 1456; d. 16 Mar 1485), mar. (1) 13 Dec 1470 Edward, Prince of Wales, and (2) 12 Jul 1472 Richard, 1st Duke of Gloucester later Richard III, King of England 1483-1485



1B. Richard [Neville], 6th Earl of Salisbury and 1st Earl of Warwick, called "The Kingmaker" (b. 22 Nov 1428; d. 14 Apr 1471), mar.,

2B. Lady Anne de Beauchamp, suo jure Countess of Warwick (b. c. Sep 1426; d. 20 Sep 1492)



1C. Richard [Nevill], jure uxoris Earl of Salisbury (b. 1400; d. 31 Dec 1460), mar.,

2C. Lady Alice Montacute, suo jure Countess of Salisbury (b. c. 1406; d. 9 Dec 1462)

3C. Richard [de Beauchamp], 13th Earl of Warwick (b. 25 Jan 1382; d. 30 Apr 1439), mar. 26 Nov 1423,

4C. Lady Isabel le Despencer, suo jure Baroness Burghersh



1D. Ralph [de Nevill], 1st Earl of Westmorland (b. c. 1364; d. 21 Oct 1425), mar. 1397,

2D. Lady Joan Beaufort (b. c. 1379; d. 13 Nov 1440)

3D. Thomas [Montacute], 4th Earl of Salisbury (d. 3 Nov 1428), mar. ,

4D. Lady Eleanor de Holand

5D. Thomas [de Beauchamp], 12th Earl of Warwick (d. bef. 16 Mar 1388/9; d. 8 Apr 1401), mar. bef. 1381,

6D. Margaret de Ferrers (d. 22 Jan 1406/7)

7D. Thomas [le Despencer], 2nd 4th and 5th Baron Despencer later 1st Earl of Gloucester (b. 22 Sep 1373; d. 13 Jan 1399/1400), mar. bef. 7 Nov 1389,

8D. Lady Constance Plantagenet (b. c. 1374; d. 28 Nov 1416)



1E. John [de Nevill], 3rd Baron Nevill (d. 17 Oct 1388), mar. 1334,

2E. Maud de Percy

3E. John of Gaunt, 1st Duke of Lancaster (b. Mar 1340; d. 4 Feb 1399), mar. 13 Jan 1396,

4E. Katherine de Röet (b. 1350; d. 10 May 1403)

5E. John [Montacute], 3rd Earl of Salisbury (b. c. 1350; d. 5 Jan 1399/1400), mar. bef. 4 May 1383,

6E. Maud Francis

7E. Thomas [de Holand], 2nd or 5th Earl of Kent (b. c. 1351; d. 25 Apr 1397), mar. after 10 Apr 1364,

8E. Lady Alice FitzAlan (b. c. 1350; d. 17 Mar 1415/6)

9E. Thomas [de Beauchamp], 11th Earl of Warwick (b. 14 Feb 1313/4; d. 13 Nov 1369), mar. after 22 Feb 1324/5,

10E. Lady Catherine de Mortimer (d. 6 Sep 1369)

11E. William [de Ferrers], 3rd Baron Ferrers of Groby (b. 28 Feb 1332/3; d. 8 Jan 1370/1), mar. bef. 25 Apr 1344,

12E. Lady Margaret de Ufford

13E. Edward [le Despencer], 1st and de jure 3rd and 4th Baron le Despencer (b. 24 Mar 1335/6; d. 11 Nov 1375), mar. bef. 2 Aug 1354,

14E. Elizabeth de Burghersh, suo jure Baroness Burghersh (b. c. 1342; d. 26 Jul 1409)

15E. Edmund of Langley, 1st Duke of York (b. 5 Jun 1341; d. 1 Aug 1402), mar. 1372,

16E. Isabella of Castile (b. c. 1356; d. 23 Nov 1392)



1F. Ralph [de Nevill], 2nd Baron Nevill

2F. Alice de Audley, only dau. of Hugh [de Audley], 1st Baron Audley of Stratton Audley

3F. Henry [de Percy], 2nd Baron Percy

4F. Idoine de Clifford, dau. of Robert [de Clifford], 1st Baron de Clifford

5F. Edward III, King of England 1327-1377

6F. Philippa of Hainault, dau. of William III of Hainault, Count of Holland 1304-1337

7F. Sir Payne de Röet, Guienne King of Arms


9F. John [de Montacute], 1st Baron Montacute

10F. Margaret de Monthermer, suo jure Baroness Monthermer, dau. of Thomas [de Monthermer], 2nd Baron Monthermer

11F. Adam Francis, Mayor of London 1352-1354


13F. Thomas [de Holand], 1st or 4th Earl of Kent

14F. Lady Joan Plantagenet, suo jure Countess of Kent, dau. of Edmund of Woodstock, 1st Earl of Kent

15F. Richard [FitzAlan], 10th or 3rd Earl of Arundel

16F. Lady Eleanor Plantagenet, dau. of Henry of Lancaster, 3rd Earl of Lancaster

17F. Guy [de Beauchamp], 10th Earl of Warwick

18F. Alice de Toni, dau. of Ralph de Toni VII

19F. Roger [de Mortimer], 1st Earl of March

20F. Joan de Geneville, dau. of Sir Piers de Geneville, of Ludlow, co. Salop

21F. Henry [de Ferrers], 2nd Baron Ferrers of Groby

22F. Isabel de Verdon, dau. of Theobald [de Verdon], 2nd Baron Verdon

23F. Robert [de Ufford], 1st Earl of Suffolk

24F. Margaret de Norwich, dau. of Sir Walter de Norwich, Treasurer and Chief Baron of the Exchequer

25F. Sir Edward le Despencer, of Buckland, co. Bucks

26F. Anne de Ferrers, dau. of William [de Ferrers], 1st Baron Ferrers of Groby

27F. Bartholomew [de Burghersh], 2nd Baron Burghersh

28F. Cicely de Weyland, dau. of Sir Richard de Weyland, of Blaxhall and Cockfield, co. Suffolk

29F. Edward III, King of England 1327-1377 (see 5F)

30F. Philippa of Hainault, dau. of William III of Hainault, Count of Holland 1304-1337 (see 6F)

31F. Peter I the Cruel, King of Castile 1350-1369

32F. Maria de Padilla, dau. of John Garcias de Padilla


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