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King Henry VII (1485 - 1509)


1A. Henry VII, King of England 1485-1509 (b. 28 Jan 1457; d. 21 Apr 1509), mar. 18 Jan 1486 Elizabeth of York



1B. Edmund [Tudor], 1st Earl of Richmond (b. c. 1430; d. 3 Nov 1456), mar. Oct 1455,

2B. Lady Margaret Beaufort (b. 31 May 1443; d. 29 Jun 1509)



1C. Sir Owen Tudor (d. 1461), mar. 1428,

2C. Katharine of France (b. 27 Oct 1401; d. 3 Jan 1437)

3C. John [Beaufort], 1st Duke of Somerset (b. c. Apr 1404; d. 27 May 1444), mar. c. 1440,

4C. Margaret Beauchamp (d. 8 Aug 1482)



1D. Meredyth ap Tudor

2D. Margaret Vaughan

3D. Charles VI, King of France 1380-1422 (b. 1368; d. 1422), mar. 1385,

4D. Isabella of Bavaria-Ingolstadt (b. 1369; d. 1435)

5D. John [Beaufort], 1st Earl of Somerset (b. c. 1372; d. 16 Mar 1410), mar. bef. 28 Sep 1397,

6D. Lady Margaret de Holand (b. c. 1381; d. 30 Dec 1439)

7D. John [Beauchamp], 3rd Baron Beauchamp of Bletso (d. 1412), mar.,

8D. Edith Stourton



1E. Tudor ap Gronow, of Penmynedd

2E. Margaret Llewellyn

3E. David Vychan ap David Lloyd, of Anglesey

4E. Nest Vychan

5E. Charles V, King of France 1364-1380 (b. 1337; d. 1380), mar. 1350,

6E. Joanna of Bourbon (b. 1338; d. 1377)

7E. Stephen III, Duke of Bavaria-Ingolstadt 1375-1413 (b. c. 1337; d. 25 Sep 1413), mar. 13 Oct 1334,

8E. Thadea Visconti (b. c. 1351; d. 28 Sep 1381)

9E. John of Gaunt, 1st Duke of Lancaster (b. Mar 1340; d. 4 Feb 1399), mar. (3) 13 Jan 1396,

10E. Katherine de Röet (b. 1350; d. 10 May 1403)

11E. Thomas [de Holand], 2nd or 5th Earl of Kent (b. c. 1351; d. 25 Apr 1397), mar. aft. 10 Apr 1364,

12E. Lady Alice FitzAlan (b. c. 1350; d. 17 Mar 1415/6)

13E. John [Beauchamp], 2nd Baron Beauchamp of Bletso (b. c. 1363; d. 3 May 1406), mar.,

14E. Joan Clopton

15E. Sir John Stourton, of Preston and Stavordale, co. Wiltshire, mar.,

16E. Joan Basset



1F. Gronow ap Tudor

2F. Gwerfyll of Powys

3F. Thomas ap Llewellyn ap Owen ap Meredith, Lord of Iscoed

4F. Eleanor, dau. of Llewellyn ap Griffith ap Tangwirst



7F. David Vychan ap Griffith


9F. John II, King of France 1360-1364

10F. Bona of Luxembourg, dau. of John of Luxembourg, King of Bohemia 1310-1346

11F. Peter I, Duke of Bourbon 1341-1356

12F. Isabella of Valois, dau. of Charles I of Valois, Duke of Alencon 1293-1325

13F. Stephen II, Duke of Bavaria 1347-1375

14F. Isabella of Sicily, dau. of Frederick II, King of Sicily 1295-1337

15F. Bernabo II Visconti, Lord of Milan 1349-85

16F. Beatrice della Scala, dau. of Mastino II della Scala, Lord of Verona 1329-1351

17F. Edward III, King of England 1327-1377

18F. Philippa of Hainault, dau. of William III of Hainault, Count of Holland 1304-1337

19F. Sir Payn de Röet, Guienne King of Arms


21F. Thomas [de Holand], 1st or 4th Earl of Kent

22F. Lady Joan Plantagenet, suo jure Countess of Kent, dau. of Edmund of Woodstock, 1st Earl of Kent

23F. Richard [FitzAlan], 10th or 3rd Earl of Arundel

24F. Lady Eleanor Plantagenet, dau. of Henry of Lancaster, 3rd Earl of Lancaster

25F. Roger Beauchamp, of Bletso, co. Bedford









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