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King Henry IV (1399-1413)


1A. Henry IV, King of England 1399-1413 (b. 3 Apr 1367; d. 20 Mar 1413), mar. (1) bef. 10 Feb 1381 Lady Mary de Bohun, suo jure Countess of Hereford and Northampton, 2nd dau. of Humphrey [de Bohun], 7th Earl of Hereford, 12th Earl of Essex and 2nd Earl of Northampton, and (2) 3 Apr 1402 Joanna of Navarre, dau. of Charles II, King of Navarre 1349-1387



1B. John of Gaunt, 1st Duke of Lancaster (b. Mar 1340; d. 4 Feb 1399), mar. 19 May 1359,

2B. Lady Blanche Plantagenet, suo jure Countess of Lancaster (b. 25 Mar 1345; d. 12 Sep 1369)



1C. Edward III, King of England 1327-1377 (b. 13 Nov 1312; d. 21 Jun 1377), mar. 24 Jan 1328,

2C. Philippa of Hainault (b. 3 Apr 1314; d. 15 Aug 1369)

3C. Henry of Grosmont, 1st Duke of Lancaster (b. c. 1305; d. 23 Mar 1361), mar. c. 1335,

4C. Lady Isabella de Beaumont (b. c. 1315; d. after 24 Mar 1356)



1D. Edward II, King of England 1307-1327 (b. 25 Apr 1284; d. 21 Sep 1327), mar. 1308,

2D. Isabella of France (b. c. 1293; d. 22 Aug 1358)

3D. William III, Count of Hainault 1302-1337 and of Holland 1304-1337 (b. 1280; d. 7 Jun 1337), mar. 19 May 1305,

4D. Joanna of Valois (b. 1294; d. 7 Mar 1342)

5D. Henry of Lancaster, 3rd Earl of Lancaster (b. c. 1281; d. 22 Sep 1345), mar. 2 Mar 1297,

6D. Matilda de Chaworth (b. c. 1285; d. before 3 Dec 1322)

7D. Henry [de Beaumont], 1st Earl of Buchan (d. 10 Mar 1339/40), mar. bef. 14 Jul 1310,

8D. Alice Comyn (d. bef. 10 Aug 1349)



1E. Edward I, King of England 1372-1307 (b. 17 Jul 1239; d. 7 Jul 1307), mar. 13 Oct 1254,

2E. Eleanor of Castile (b. c. 1244; d. 28 Nov 1290)

3E. Philip IV, King of Navarre 1274-1314 and of France 1285-1314 (b. 1268; d. 29 Nov 1314), mar. 16 Aug 1284,

4E. Joanna I, Queen of Navarre 1274-1305 (b. 14 Jan 1273; d. 2 Apr 1305)

5E. John II, Count of Hainault 1280-1304 and of Holland 1300-1304 (b. c. 1247; d. 22 Aug 1304), mar. 1270,

6E. Philippa of Luxembourg (b. c. 1252; d. 6 Apr 1311)

7E. Charles I of Valois, Duke of Alencon 1293-1325 (b. 12 Mar 1270; d. 16 Dec 1325), mar. 16 Aug 1290,

8E. Margaret of Anjou-Naples (b. 1273; d. 31 Dec 1299)

9E. Edmund of Lancaster, 1st Earl of Lancaster (b. 16 Jan 1245; d. 5 Jun 1296), mar. Jan 1276,

10E. Blanche of Artois (b. c. 1248; d. 2 May 1302)

11E. Sir Patrick de Chaworth, of Kidwelly, co. Carmarthen

12E. Lady Isabella de Beauchamp

13E. Louis of Brienne, Viscount of Beaumont-au-Maine (d. after 1 Sep 1297), mar.,

14E. Agnes of Beaumont (d. 9 May 1301)

15E. Sir Alexander Comyn, Sheriff of Aberdeen

16E. Joan le Latimer



1F. Henry III, King of England 1216-1272

2F. Eleanor of Provence, dau. of Raymond Berenger V, Count of Provence 1209-1245

3F. Ferdinand III, King of Castile & Leon 1217-1252

4F. Joanna of Aumale, suo jure Countess of Ponthieu, dau. of Simon of Dammartin, Count of Aumale 1200-1239

5F. Philip III, King of France 1270-1285

6F. Isabella of Aragon, dau. of James I, King of Aragon 1213-1276

7F. Henry I, King of Navarre 1270-1274

8F. Blanche of Artois, dau. of Robert I, Count of Artois 1237-1250

9F. John I of Avènes, Count of Hainault 1246-1257

10F. Adelaide of Holland, dau. of Florent IV, Count of Holland 1222-1234

11F. Henry II, Count of Luxembourg 1247-1281

12F. Margaret of Bar, dau. of Henry II, Count of Bar

13F. Philip III, King of France 1270-1285 (see F5)

14F. Isabella of Aragon, dau. of James I, King of Aragon 1213-1276 (see F6)

15F. Charles II, King of Naples and Count of Provence 1285-1309

16F. Maria of Hungary, dau. of Stephen V, King of Hungary 1270-1272

17F. Henry III, King of England 1216-1272 (see F1)

18F. Eleanor of Provence, dau. of Raymond Berenger V, Count of Provence 1209-1245 (see F2)

19F. Robert I, Count of Artois 1237-1250

20F. Matilda of Brabant, dau. of Henry II, Duke of Brabant 1235-1248



23F. William [de Beauchamp], 9th Earl of Warwick

24F. Maud FitzGeoffrey, dau. of Sir John FitzGeoffrey, of Shere, co. Surrey, Justiciar of Ireland

25F. John of Brienne, King of Jerusalem 1210-1225 and Latin Emperor of Constantinople 1229-1237

26F. Berengaria of Castile and Leon, dau. of Alfonso IX, King of Leon 1188-1230

27F. Raoul VIII, Viscount of Beaumont-au-Maine

28F. Agnes .....

29F. Alexander [Comyn]. 6th Earl of Buchan

30F. Lady Elizabeth de Quincy, dau. of Roger [de Quincy], 2nd Earl of Winchester




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