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Hawarden, Viscount (I, 1793)


Creation: let. pat. 1793


Family name: Maude




Quarterly:  1st and 4th, Azure a Lion rampant Argent (Maude);  2nd and 3rd, Argent three Bars Gemelles Sable over all a Lion rampant Gules charged on the shoulder with a Cross Crosslet fitchée Or


A Lion's Jamb erased erect proper grasping a Sprig of Oak Leaves slipped Vert


On either side a Lion Gules each charged on the shoulder with a Cross Crosslet fitchée Or


Virtute Securus (Safety by manliness)



Cornwallis [Maude], 1st Baron de Montalt later 1st Viscount Hawarden

5th son of Sir Robert Maude, 1st Bt. MP, of Dundrum, co. Tipperary, by his wife Eleanor Cornwallis, dau. and hrss. of Thomas Cornwallis, of Albermarles, co. Carmarthen


19 Sep 1729

mar. (1)

8 Aug 1756 his cousin Laetitia Vernon (dspm. 24 May 1757), dau. of Bowater Vernon, of Hanbury Hall, co. Worcester, by his wife Jane Cornwallis, dau. and cohrss. of Thomas Cornwallis, of Albermarles, co. Carmarthen

only child by first wife

1. Hon Elizabeth Letitia Maude, mar. 16 Jun 1781 John Vaughan MP, of Golden Grove, co. Carmarthen (d. 19 Jan 1804)

mar. (2)

10 Jun 1766 Mary Allen (d. 1775), dau. of Philip Allen, of Bathampton Manor, co. Somerset, and niece of Ralph Allen, of Prior Park, Bath

children by second wife

1. Hon Thomas Ralph Maude, later 2nd Viscount Hawarden

2. Hon Sophia Maria Maude (d. 23 Jan 1812), mar. 25 Jun 1807 as his first wife George Hay Dawkins-Pennant, of Penrhyn Castle, co. Caernarvon, and had issue

3. Hon Emma Mary Maude (d. 11 Mar 1808), mar. 12 Apr 1794 William Ralph Cartwright MP, of Aynho Park, co. Northampton

mar. (3)

3 Jun 1777 Anne Isabella Monck (b. c. 1759; d. 26 Jul 1851), sister of Charles Stanley [Monck], 1st Viscount Monck, and dau. of Thomas Monck, of Charleville, co. Wicklow, by his wife Judith Mason, dau. of Robert Mason

children by third wife

2. Hon Cornwallis Maude, later 3rd Viscount Hawarden

3. Very Rev Hon Robert William Henry Maude, Dean of Clogher and Archdeacon of Dublin (b. 21 Aug 1784; d. 31 Oct 1861), mar. 3 May 1827 Hon Martha Elizabeth Mary Prittie (b. c. 1802; d. 25 Jul 1887), half-sister of Henry [Prittie], 3rd Baron Dunalley, and dau. of Hon Francis Aldborough Prittie MP (by his first wife Martha Hartpole, widow of George Hartpole, of Shrule Castle, Queen's County, and only dau. of Cook Otway, of Castle Otway, co. Tipperary), 2nd son of Henry [Prittie], 1st Baron Dunalley, and had issue:

1a. Thomas Francis Maude (b. 18 Mar 1829; dvp. 10 Jan 1857)

2a. Robert Henry Maude, later 5th Viscount Hawarden

3a. Ludlow Eustace Maude (b. 10 Oct 1844; d. 6 Aug 1903), mar. 12 Jul 1870 Clara Louisa Madden (d. 23 Nov 1926), dau. of Rev Wyndham Carlyon Madden, and had issue:

1b. Eustace Wyndham Maude, later 7th Viscount Hawarden

1b. Kathleen Emily Maude (b. 11 Jun 1871; d. 28 Jan 1945)

2b. Elinor Louisa Maude (b. 11 Jul 1872; d. 18 Jun 1941), mar. (1) 18 Jun 1902 Harry William Stronge JP (b. 17 Aug 1869; dsp. 21 Feb 1907), 3rd son of Capt Edmond Robert Francis Stronge JP (by his wife Charlotte Newman Henderson, 2nd dau. of John Piercy Henderson, of Foswell Bank, co. Perth), 4th son of Sir James Matthew Stronge, 2nd Bt., and (2) 5 Dec 1911 Sir William Smith Marriott, 8th Bt., and had issue by her second husband

3b. Dorothy Caroline Maude (b. 17 Jun 1873; d. 23 Jul 1945)

4b. Alice Charlotte Maude (b. 20 Apr 1879; dsp. 20 Dec 1967), mar. 6 Apr 1927 Maj Alan Lindsay Stewart (d. 7 Jan 1945)

1a. Isabel Catherine Maude (d. 27 May 1887), mar. 12 Apr 1853 Gen John Maxwell Perceval CB, and had issue

2a. Gertrude Emily Maude (d. 22 Jan 1895), mar. 14 Oct 1857 Capt Thomas Carpendale Baird (d. 5 Feb 1875), and had issue

3a. Anna Maria Victoria Maude (d. 21 Jun 1881), mar. 23 Jun 1874 Edmund Champagne Jones

4a. alice Arabella Maude (b. 1837; d. 26 Feb 1923)

5a. Georgiana Martha Maude (dvp. 23 Sep 1858)

4. Capt Hon Sir James Ashley Maude CB KCH RN (b. 6 Nov 1786; dsps. 23 Oct 1841), mar. 18 Oct 1817 Albinia Brodrick (dsps. 20 Apr 1863), sister of Charles [Brodrick], 6th Viscount Midleton, and 2nd dau. of Most Rev Hon Charles Brodrick DD, Archbishop of Cashel, by his wife Mary Woodward, dau. of Rt Rev Richard Woodward DD, Bishop of Cloyne, and had issue

5. Rev Hon John Charles Maude, Rector of Enniskillen, co. Fermanagh (b. 16 Sep 1792; d. 21 Jun 1860), mar. 10 Sep 1813 Mary Trevilian (d. 26 Oct 1865), 2nd but 1st surv. dau. of William Cely Trevilian, of Midelney, co. Somerset, and had issue

6. Capt Hon Francis Maude RN (b. 17 Nov 1798; d. 23 Oct 1886), mar. (1) 4 Sep 1827 Frances Brooking (d. 4 May 1832), dau. of A H Brooking, and (2) 28 Jun 1849 Georgiana Bushe (d. 2 Jul 1882), dau. of Gervase Parker Bushe, and had issue by both wives

4. Hon Isabella Elizabeth Maude (b. 1779; d. 1859)

5. Hon Georgiana Maude (b. 1781; d. 31 Aug 1807), mar. Jun 1806 Capt Lord William Stuart RN (b. 18 Nov 1778;  d. 28 Jul 1814), 6th son of John [Stuart], 1st Marquess of Bute, by his first wife Hon Charlotte Jane Hickman-Windsor, 1st dau. and cohrss. and event. sole hrss. of Herbert [Hickman-Windsor], 2nd Viscount Windsor, and had issue

6. Hon Alice Maude (b. 1782; d. 21 Dec 1866), mar. 21 May 1807 Rt Rev Lord Robert Ponsonby Tottenham DD, Bishop of Clogher (b. 5 Sep 1773;  d. 26 Apr 1850), 2nd son of Charles [Tottenham later Loftus], 1st Marquess of Ely, by his wife Jane Myhill, 1st dau. and cohrss. of Robert Myhill, of Killarney, co. Kilkenny, and had issue

7. Hon Charlotte Maude (b. 1783; d. 3 Dec 1874), mar. 6 Sep 1806 Peter La Touche, of Bellevue, co. Wicklow, and had issue

8. Hon Mary Anne Maude (b. 1786; d. 3 Jan 1877), mar. 15 Apr 1809 James [Hewitt], 3rd Viscount Lifford, and had issue

9. Hon Emily Maude (b. 1794; dsp. 10 Feb 1884), mar. 10 Feb 1826 as his second wife Henry Sadleir [Prittie], 2nd Baron Dunalley

10. Hon Catherine Maude (b. 1788; dvp. young)


23 Aug 1803


29 Jun 1785 Baron de Montalt, of Hawarden in the County of Tipperary

5 Dec 1793 Viscount Hawarden, of Hawarden in the County of Tipperary

suc. by

son by second wife


suc. his brother 17 May 1777 as 3rd Baronet


Thomas Ralph [Maude], 2nd Viscount Hawarden


16 Apr 1767


14 Dec 1798 Lady Frances Anne Agar (d. 20 May 1839), only dau. of Most Rev Charles Agar, 1st Earl of Normanton, Archbishop of Dublin, by his wife Jane Benson, 1st dau. of William Benson, of Downpatrick, co. Down


s.p. 26 Feb 1807

suc. by



Cornwallis [Maude], 3rd Viscount Hawarden


27 Mar 1780


8 Jul 1811 Jane Crawfurd Bruce (d. 24 Mar 1852), 2nd dau. of Patrick Craufurd Bruce, of Taplow Lodge, co. Buckingham


1. Hon Cornwallis Maude, later 4th Viscount Hawarden later 1st Earl de Montalt

1. Hon Isabella Maude (b. c. 1814; d. 11 Jul 1892), mar. 11 Sep 1839 her first cousin Lt Col Charles John Tottenham JP DL, of Woodstock, co. Wicklow, and Berwyn House, co. Denbigh (b. 27 Jun 1808; d. 17 Dec 1878), 1st son of Rt Rev Lord Robert Ponsonby Tottenham DD, Bishop of Clogher (by his wife Hon Alicia Maude, 3rd dau. by his third wife of Cornwallis [Maude], 1st Viscount Hawarden ), 2nd son of Charles [Tottenham later Loftus], 1st Marquess of Ely, and had issue

2. Hon Maria Adelaide Maude (b. Dec 1814; d. 24 Dec 1897), mar. (1) 19 Dec 1831 Charles Anderson Worsley [Anderson-Pelham], 2nd Earl of Yarborough, and (2) 7 Aug 1869 William John [Monson], 1st Viscount Oxenbridge, and had issue by her first husband

3. Hon Florence Priscilla Alice Maude (d. 18 Mar 1914), mar. 9 Oct 1849 Charles Cornwallis [Neville], 5th Baron Braybrooke, and had issue

4. Hon Augusta Maude (d. 25 Dec 1857)


12 Oct 1856

suc. by



a Representative Peer for Ireland (Conservative) 1836-56; a Lord in Waiting 1841-46 and 1852


Cornwallis [Maude], 4th Viscount Hawarden later 1st Earl de Montalt


4 Apr 1817


24 Mar 1845 Clementine Elphinstone-Fleming (b. 1 Jun 1822; d. 19 Jan 1865), 1st dau. and cohrss. of Adm Hon Charles Elphinstone later Elphinstone-Fleeming (by his wife Donna Catalina Paulina Alessandro), 2nd son of John [Elphinstone], 11th Lord Elphinstone


1. Capt Hon Cornwallis Maude later Fleming later Maude (b. 22 Oct 1852; killed in action vp. at Majuba Hill 27 Feb 1881), mar. 28 Feb 1878 Eva Henrietta Brooke (mar. (2) 9 Jun 1883 Lt Col George Holden Hutton DL, of Thorney Hall, co. Nottingham; d. 8 Nov 1940), 2nd dau. of Francis Richard Brooke, of Summerton, co. Dublin, and Coolgreany, co. Wexford, by his wife Hon Henrietta Monck, 3rd dau. of Charles Joseph Kelly [Monck], 3rd Viscount Monck, and had issue:

1a. Lady Clementine Isabel Maude, granted the style and precedence of the daughter of an Earl by Royal Warrant 1905 (b. 2 Dec 1878; dsp. 15 Aug 1961), mar. 22 Jul 1909 William Frederick Loftus Tottenham (b. 18 Aug 1866; dsp. 29 May 1936), 5th son of Cdr Lord John Francis Tottenham JP RN (by his wife Laura Ellen Dodd Janverin, 2nd dau. of Edward Taylor Janverin, of the Great Salterns), 5th son of John [Tottenham later Loftus], 2nd Marquess of Ely

2a. Lady Eveline Maude, granted the style and precedence of the daughter of an Earl by Royal Warrant 1905 (b. 17 Jul 1880; d. 9 Jan 1968)

2. Hon Eustace Mountstuart Maude (dvp. an infant 7 Dec 1859)

1. Lady Isabella Grace Maude (b. 15 Jan 1846; dsp. 10 Nov 1927), mar. 28 Jan 1869 Reginald Charles Edward [Abbot], 3rd Baron Colchester

2. Lady Clementina Maude (b. 15 Jul 1847; dvp. 10 Aug 1901)

3. Lady Florence Elizabeth Maude (b. 18 Nov 1849; d. 25 Dec 1931)

4. Lady Kathleen Maude (d. 25 Jan 1939), mar. (1) 10 Apr 1875 (div. 1886) Gerald Richard Brooke (b. 29 Apr 1852; d. 26 Apr 1891), 2nd son of Francis Richard Brooke, of Summerton, co. Dublin, and Coolgreany, co. Wexford, by his wife Hon Henrietta Monck, 3rd dau. of Charles Joseph Kelly [Monck], 3rd Viscount Monck, and (2) 17 Jul 1886 Seymour Coghill Hort Bushe KC (d. 27 Jan 1922), son of Rev Charles Bushe, of Castlehaven, co. Cork, and had issue by both husbands

5. Lady Elphinstone Agnes Maude (d. 12 Feb 1921), mar. 17 Apr 1880 Hon Walter James Sugden (b. 29 Nov 1855; d. 1 Feb 1897), brother of Edward Burtenshaw [Sugden], 2nd Baron St Leonards, and 3rd son of Hon Henry Sugden (by his wife Marianne Cookson, only surv. dau. of Lt Col James Cookson, of Neasham Hall, co. Durham), 1st son and heir ap. of Edward Burtenshaw [Sugden], 1st Baron St Leonards, and had issue

6. Lady Leucha Diana Maude DGStJ (d. 23 Aug 1947), mar. 6 Dec 1883 Sir (Thomas) Courtenay Theydon Warner, 1st Bt. CB, of Bettenham Park, co. Suffolk, and had issue

7. Lady Antonia Lillian Maude (b. 3 May 1864; d. 16 Jun 1927), mar. 30 Mar 1912 Maj William Augustus Adams, of Kinnea, co. Cavan, 1st surv. son of Rev Benjamin William Adams DD, of Kinnea, co. Cavan


s.p.m.s. 9 Jan 1905 (bur. in Kensal Green Cemetery)


9 Sep 1886 Earl de Montalt, of Dundrum in the County of Tipperary

suc. by



Capt, 2nd Life Guards 1849-53; a Representative Peer for Ireland (Conservative) 1862-1905; a Lord in Waiting 1866-68, 1874-80 and 1885-86; Depity Speaker of the House of Lords 1882; Lord Lieutenant of co. Tipperary 1885-1905; on his death the Earldom of de Montalt became extinct


Robert Henry [Maude], 5th Viscount Hawarden


24 Jun 1842


15 Dec 1881 Caroline Anna Mary Ogle (d. 15 Mar 1930), 1st dau. of Maj Arthur Ogle, by his wife Caroline Amelia Lechmere, dau. of Vice Adm William Lechmere, of Hill House, Steeple Aston, co. Oxford

only child

1. Hon Robert Cornwallis Maude, later 6th Viscount Hawarden


6 Sep 1908

suc. by



Robert Cornwallis [Maude], 6th Viscount Hawarden


6 Sep 1890


s.p. 26 Aug 1914

suc. by



Eustace Wyndham [Maude], 7th Viscount Hawarden


20 Sep 1877


17 Nov 1920 Marion Wright (d. 1 Oct 1974), 1st dau. of Albert Leslie Wright, of Butterley Hall, co. Derby, by his first wife Margaretta Agnes Plumptre, 1st dau. of John Bridges Plumptre, of Goodnestone


1. Hon Robert Leslie Eustace Maude, later 8th Viscount Hawarden

2. Hon Henry Cornwallis Maude, of Sparrow Court, Chalk Hill Road, Kingsdown, Deal, co. Kent, served in World War II 1939-45 with Queen's Royal Regiment and as Sergeant Education Corps, High Sheriff of Kent 1989 (b. 3 Mar 1928; d. 31 Mar 2018), mar. 8 Aug 1964 Elizabeth Georgina Lockie, only dau. of David McNaught Lockie, of Grasse, France, and had issue

1. Hon Helen Margaretta Maude, served in World War II 1941-46 in WRNS (b. 23 Aug 1921; d. Oct 2001), mar. 10 May 1947 (Walter) Peter Baxter (d. 1977), 1st son of Col Donald Baxter MC, of Long Burton House, Sherborne, co. Dorset, and had issue


6 Apr 1958

suc. by



Robert Leslie Eustace [Maude], 8th Viscount Hawarden


26 Mar 1926


28 Sep 1957 Susannah Caroline Hyde Gardner (b 4 Feb 1927; d. 17 Jul 2008), only dau. of Maj Charles Phillips Gardner, of Shanklin, Isle of Wight, by his second wife Constance Eileen Cox, only dau. of Maj Charles Hay Cox


1. Hon (Robert) Connan Wyndham Leslie Maude, later 9th Viscount Hawarden

2. Hon Thomas Patrick Cornwallis Maude, of Cedar Lodge, Wingham Court, nr. Canterbury, co. Kent (b. 1 Oct 1964), mar. 17 Apr 1998 Christine Lydia Stowe, dau. of Henry Stowe, and has issue

1. Hon Sophia-Rose Eileen Maude (b. 20 Jan 1959), mar. 26 Jun 1982 Timothy Michael Steel, of Norton Court, nr. Sittingbourne, co. Kent, only son of Anthony Steel, of Rock House Farm, Lower Froyle, co. Hampshire, and has issue


6 Sep 1991

suc. by



(Robert) Connan Wyndham Leslie [Maude], 9th Viscount Hawarden


23 May 1961


8 Apr 1995 Judith Anne Bates, yst. dau. of John Bates, of Upton Wood, co. Kent


1. Hon Varian John Connan Eustace Maude (b. 1 Sep 1997)

1. Hon Izetta Clementina Effijay Maude (b. 21 Oct 1999)

2. Hon Avery Joan Constance Elita Maude (b. 24 Feb 2002)


 Last updated 28 May 2019




9th Viscount Hawarden, of Hawarden in the County of Tipperary

(Ireland, let. pat. 5 Dec 1793)

9th Baron de Montalt, of Hawarden in the County of Tipperary

(Ireland, let. pat. 29 Jun 1785)

11th Baronet, styled "of Dundrum"

(Ireland, let. pat. 9 May 1705)



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