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Ely, Marquess of (I, 1800)


Creation: let. pat. 29 Dec 1800


Family name: Tottenham later Loftus later Tottenham




Sable a Chevron engrailed Ermine between three Trefoils slipped Argent


A Boar's Head erased and erect Argent


On either side an Eagle with wings inverted Argent beaked and legged Or each charged on the breast with a Trefoil slipped Vert


Prends Moi Tel Que Je Suis;  Loyal A Mort



Charles [Tottenham later Loftus], 1st Baron Loftus later 1st Viscount Loftus later 1st Earl of Ely later 1st Marquess of Ely, KP PC

only son and heir of Sir John Tottenham, 1st Bt. MP, by his wife Hon Elizabeth Loftus, 3rd dau. by his first wife of Nicholas [Loftus], 1st Viscount Loftus


23 Jan 1738


23 Jun 1766 Jane Myhill (d. 21 Feb 1807), 1st dau. and cohrss. of Robert Myhill, of Killarney, co. Kilkenny, by his wife Mary Billingsley, dau. of William Billingsley, of Three Castles, co. Kilkenny


1. Lord John Loftus, later 2nd Marquess of Ely

2. Rt Rev Lord Robert Ponsonby Tottenham DD, Bishop of Clogher (b. 5 Sep 1773;  d. 26 Apr 1850), mar. 28 May 1807 Hon Alicia Maude (b. 1782; d. 21 Dec 1866), 6th dau. by his third wife of Cornwallis [Maude], 1st Viscount Hawarden, and had issue

1a. Col Charles John Tottenham, of Woodstock, co. Wicklow, and Berwyn House, co. Denbigh (b. 27 Jun 1808; d. 17 Dec 1878), mar. 11 Sep 1839 his cousin Hon Isabella Maude (d. 11 Jul 1892), 1st dau. of Cornwallis [Maude], 3rd Viscount Hawarden, and had issue:

1b. Maj Charles Robert Worsley Tottenham, of Woodstock, co. Wicklow, and Plas Berwyn, co. Denbigh (b. 21 Feb 1845;  d. 31 Oct 1923), mar. (1) 5 Nov 1874 Dorothea Anne Cornwall (d. 8 Jan 1903), dau. of Leonard Cornwall, of Brownstown House, co. Meath, and (2) 11 Jul 1905 Eleanor Cockburne Lindsay (d. 1964), dau. of Maj Alexander J Lindsay, and had issue by his first wife:

1c. Charles Loftus Watkin Tottenham, of Woodstock, co. Wicklow, and Plas Berwyn, co. Denbigh (b. 28 Nov 1876;  dsp. 4 Oct 1943), mar. (1) 28 Apr 1906 Ethel Frances Cowper (d. 29 Jun 1937), dau. of H A Cowper, of Trudder, co. Wicklow, and (2) 13 Oct 1941 Alice Mary Wade (widow of W de Vins Wade, of Dunmow, co. Essex;  d. 24 Aug 1951), dau. of Dr Frederick Woodman, of Deal, co. Kent

2c. George Leonard Tottenham (b. 20 Apr 1879;  d. 9 Jun 1928), mar. 1 Aug 1912 Cecile Elizabeth Burra, 3rd dau. of James Salkeld Burra, of Bockhanger, Kennington, co. Kent, and had issue:

1d. Charles John Tottenham, later 8th Marquess of Ely

2d. Lt Cdr Lord George Robert Tottenham CD RD RNR, granted the style and precedence of the younger son of a Marquess by Royal Warrant 1973 (b. 22 Jul 1914;  d. 5 Aug 1975), mar. 7 Oct 1944 Jane Elizabeth Martin, dau. of Arthur Martin, of Windsor, Ontario, Canada, and had issue

1d. Lady Dora Elizabeth Tottenham, granted the style and precedence of the daughter of a Marquess by Royal Warrant 1973 (b. 9 Nov 1919), mar. (1) 1946 Lt Bernard Edgar Hall RN (d. 25 Mar 1947), son of Capt E E Hall, of Bearsted, co. Kent, and (2) 17 Jun 1950 Sir Ivor Thomas Montague Pink KCMG, Ambassador to Hungary 1963-65 (d. 28 Jan 1966), son of Leonard Montague Pink, and has issue by her second husband

1c. Sophia Dora Elizabeth Tottenham (d. 16 Jan 1973), mar. (1) 30 Apr 1902 Maj Peter La Touche, of Bellevue, co. Wicklow (dsp. 13 Mar 1904), and (2) 17 Jan 1907 Joseph Frederick Cowper, of Trudder, co. Wicklow (d. 1947), and had issue by her second husband

2c. Amy Maude Tottenham (d. 24 May 1968), mar. 12 May 1920 Maj Lambert John Dopping Hepenstall OBE DL, of Derrycassan, Granard, co. Longford (d. 5 Dec 1928), and had issue

1b. Adelaide Alicia Tottenham (d. 24 Nov 1930), mar. 10 Aug 1875 Col Edward Richard Bayly, and had issue

2b. Emily Anna Tottenham (d. 23 Apr 1902), mar. (1) 11 Nov 1880 Lt Col Latham Coddington Brownrigg (d. 20 Oct 1882), and (2) 12 Apr 1887 Henry Barker

3b. Florence Isabella Maude Tottenham (d. 30 Sep 1909), mar. 27 Oct 1896 Rev Mordaunt Elrington-Bissett, Rector of Bangor, co. Wrexham (d. 23 Oct 1927)

2a. Rev Robert Loftus (b. 27 Sep 1809;  d. 5 Feb 1893), mar. 10 Dec 1833 Anne Dorothea Anketel (d. 16 Oct 1891), 1st dau. of William Anketel, of Anketel Grove, co. Monaghan, and had issue

3a. Cornwallis Tottenham, HEICS (b. 19 Aug 1810; d. 1 Sep 1875)

4a. Ponsonby Tottenham, barrister (b. 10 Jul 1811; dvp. 27 Dec 1849)

5a. Lieut William Tottenham RN (b. 23 Aug 1812; dvp. 14 Aug 1847)

6a. Capt Ashley Tottenham (b. 24 Sep 1813;  d. 10 Nov 1857)

7a. Rev Henry Tottenham, Rector of Donacavey (b. 17 Sep 1814;  d. 6 Jan 1875)

8a. Richard Tottenham (b. 23 Oct 1815; d. 31 Dec 1882)

9a. Cmdr John Francis Loftus RN (b. 28 Jul 1822;  d. 18 May 1906), mar. 3 Sep 1851 Laura Ellen Dodd Janverin (d. 18 Jul 1912), 2nd dau. of Edward Taylor Janverin, of the Great Salterns, and had issue

10a. Very Rev Canon George Tottenham, Rector of Innismacsaint and Dean of Clogher (b. 20 Oct 1825;  d. 19 Oct 1911), mar. 27 Jan 1858 Emily Frances Maclean (d. 23 Apr 1903), 2nd dau. of Rev W Maclean, Prebendary of Tynan, and had issue

1a. Isabella Tottenham (d. 5 Aug 1904), mar. 23 Jul 1844 Robert George Archibald Hamilton Gun Cuninghame, of Mount Kennedy, co. Wicklow (d. 12 May 1880), and had issue


22 Mar 1806


v.p. 28 Jun 1785 Baron Loftus, of Loftus Hall in the County of Wexford

28 Dec 1789 Viscount Loftus, of Ely

2 Mar 1794 Earl of Ely

29 Dec 1800 Marquess of Ely (all in the Peerage of Ireland)

19 Jan 1801 Baron Loftus, of Long Loftus in the County of York

suc. by



Member of Parliament (Tory) for Clonmines 1761-76, for Fethard 1776-83 and for Wexford Borough 1783-85; suc. his father 29 Dec 1786 as 2nd Baronet of Tottenham Green; a Governor of cos. Fermanagh and Wexford and Custos Rotulorum of co. Wexford 1783-1806; Privy Councillor [I] 1783; Joint Postmaster-General of Ireland 1789-1806; Knight of St Patrick 1794


John [Loftus], 2nd Marquess of Ely, KP PC


15 Feb 1770


1810 Hon Anna Maria Dashwood, a Maid of Honour to Queen Charlotte and a Lady of the Bedchamber to Queen Adelaide (b. 1785; d. 6 Sep 1857), 1st dau. of Sir Henry Watkin Dashwood, 3rd Bt. MP, of Kirtlington Park, co. Oxford, by his wife Mary Helen Graham, dau. of John Graham, of the Supreme Court, Calcutta, and of Kinross


1. Lord Henry Robert Loftus, styled Viscount Loftus (b. 15 Mar 1813; dvp. 15 Apr 1813)

2. Lord James Henry Loftus, later 3rd Marquess of Ely

3. Lord George William Loftus (b. 11 May 1815;  dsp. 19 Jan 1877), mar. 21 Jun 1846 Martha Fuller (dsp. 6 Apr 1858), 1st dau. of J Fuller, of Norwich

4. Rev Lord Adam Loftus, Rector of Magheraculmoney, co. Fermanagh (b. 13 May 1816;  d. 25 Dec 1866), mar. 11 Jun 1846 Margaret Fannin (d. 3 May 1902), 4th dau. of Robert Fannin, of Leeson Street, Dublin, and had issue:

1a. John Henry Loftus, later 5th Marquess of Ely

2a. Adam Robert Charles Loftus (b. 31 Mar 1853;  d. 18 Jan 1866)

3a. George Herbert Loftus, later 6th Marquess of Ely

1a. Marianne Loftus (d. Aug 1879), mar. 12 Feb 1874 as his first wife Robert O'Brien Studdert, of Cullane, co. Clare (d. 31 Jan 1936), and had issue

5. Rt Hon Lord Augustus William Frederick Spencer Loftus GCB, Governor of New South Wales 1879-85, Ambassador to Berlin and St Petersburg (b. 4 Oct 1817;  d. 7 Mar 1904), mar. 9 Aug 1845 Emma Maria Greville (d. 1 Jan 1902), 1st dau. of Adm Henry Francis Greville CB, and had issue

6. Lord Henry Yorke Astley Loftus (b. 9 Apr 1822;  dsp. 28 Feb 1880), mar. 5 Jul 1864 as her third husband Louisa Emma Massy (widow of (1) Francis William [Grant later Ogilvy-Grant], 6th Earl of Seafield, and (2) Maj  Godfrey William Hugh Massy;  d. 2 Sep 1884), 2nd dau. of Richard George Maunsell, of Richmond Place, co. Limerick

1. Lady Charlotte Elizabeth Loftus (b. 22 Apr 1811; d. 11 Sep 1878), mar. 18 Dec 1830 William Tatton [Egerton], 1st Baron Egerton of Tatton, and had issue

2. Lady Anna Maria Ellen Loftus (d. 27 Dec 1896)

3. Lady Elizabeth Caroline Loftus (dvp. Oct 1836)

4. Lady Catherine Henrietta Mary Loftus (d. 22 Feb 1908), mar. 6 Jan 1863 Capt Arthur John Loftus, Keeper of the Jewels, Tower of London (d. 3 Sep 1891), only son of Capt Arthur Loftus RN, and had issue


26 Sep 1845

suc. by



Member of Parliament (Tory) for co. Wexford 1790-1800 and 1801-06; a Governor of co. Wexford 1809-45; Privy Councillor [I] 1800; Teller of the Irish Exchequer 1793-1801; a Lord of the Irish Treasury 1800-06; Knight of St Patrick 1807; Custos Rotulorum of co. Wexford 1824-45


James Henry [Loftus], 3rd Marquess of Ely


19 Jan 1814


29 Oct 1844 Jane Hope-Vere VA, a Lady of the Bedchamber 1851-89 and an Extra Lady of the Bedchamber 1889-90 (b. 3 Dec 1821; d. 11 Jun 1890), 4th dau. of James Joseph Hope-Vere, of Craigie Hall, by his wife Lady Elizabeth Hay, 3rd dau. of George [Hay], 7th Marquess of Tweeddale


1. Lord John Henry Wellington Graham Loftus, later 4th Marquess of Ely

1. Lady Marion Jane Loftus (d. 28 Oct 1933), mar. (1) 6 Jun 1867 (div. 1875) George Osborn Springfield, (2) 29 Dec 1875 Col Sir James Dyson Bourne, 2nd Bt. (dsp. 11 Nov 1883), (3) 6 Dec 1884 Lt Col James John Neil Buchanan (d. 26 Nov 1893), and (4) 24 Oct 1894 Rev James Weller, of Amersham, co. Buckingham (d. 16 Jun 1928), and had issue by her first and third husbands


15 Jul 1857

suc. by



Member of Parliament (Conservative) for Woodstock 1845


John Henry Wellington Graham [Loftus], 4th Marquess of Ely


22 Nov 1849


9 Dec 1875 Caroline Anne Caithness (d. 27 May 1917), dau. of George Caithness


s.p. 3 Apr 1889

suc. by



John Henry [Loftus], 5th Marquess of Ely


6 Mar 1851


21 Nov 1895 Margaret Emma Clark (d. 1 Aug 1931), yst. dau. of F A Clark, of Lynton Court, co. Sussex, and Gracefield Park, co. Buckingham


s.p. 18 Dec 1925

suc. by



George Herbert [Loftus], 6th Marquess of Ely


19 Apr 1854

mar. (1)

29 Apr 1884 Emily Harriet Vandeleur (d. 27 Nov 1886), 2nd dau. of Maj Arthur Vandeleur, of Rathlahine, co. Clare

children by first wife:

1. Lt Adam John St George Loftus (b. 30 Jan 1885;  d. 27 May 1909)

1. Lady Anna Mary Kathleen Loftus (b. 6 Aug 1886;  d. 23 Sep 1961), mar. 16 Sep 1913 (div. 1937) Thomas Leslie Craven, 2nd son of Thomas Craven, of Kirklington Hall, co. Nottingham, and had issue

mar. (2)

7 Jun 1902 Ethel Beatrice Lempriere Gresley (d. 23 Oct 1927), dau. of Nigel John Davies Gresley, of Hobart, Tasmania

only child by second wife:

2. Lord George Henry Wellington Loftus, later 7th Marquess of Ely


10 Apr 1935

suc. by

son by second wife


George Henry Wellington [Loftus], 7th Marquess of Ely


3 Sep 1903


5 Sep 1928 Thea Margaret Gordon Gronvold (d. 5 May 2006), dau. of Lars Gronvold, of Wilbury Road, Hove, co. Sussex, and Tvedestrand, Norway, by his wife Amy Murray, 2nd dau. of Huntly Gordon Murray of Craigie

only child:

1. Lady Ann Loftus (b. and dvp. 10 Jul 1933)


s.p.s. 31 May 1969

suc. by

third cousin once removed


Charles John [Tottenham], 8th Marquess of Ely


30 May 1913

mar. (1)

23 Jun 1938 Katherine Elizabeth Craig (d. 27 Jan 1975), dau. of Lt Col W H Craig, of Kingston, Ontario, Canada

children by first wife:

1. Lord (Charles) John Tottenham, later 9th Marquess of Ely

2. Lord Timothy Craig Tottenham, heir presumptive to the Marquessate of Ely, of 27 Shortt Street, Port Hope, Ontario, Canada (b. 17 Jan 1948), mar. 16 Jun 1973 Jane Elizabeth McAllister, dau. of Grant McAllister, of Ottawa, Canada, and has issue:

1a. Scott Craig Tottenham (b. 14 Apr 1977)

2a. John Douglas Tottenham (b. 25 Apr 1981)

3. Lord Richard Ivor Tottenham, of 89 Grace Street, Newmarket, Ontario, Canada (b. 27 Jan 1954), mar. 29 Apr 1978 Virginia Murney Morris, dau. of William Murney Morris, of Toronto, Canada, and has issue

1. Rt Rev Lady Ann Elizabeth Tottenham, Suffragan Bishop of Toronto (b. 21 Jul 1940)

mar. (2)

28 Dec 1978 Elspeth Anne Hay (d. 1 Nov 1996), only dau. of P T Hay, of Highgate, London


1 Feb 2006

suc. by

son by first wife


(Charles) John [Tottenham], 9th Marquess of Ely


12 Feb 1943


27 Dec 1969 Judith Marvelle Porter, dau. of Dr John Jacob Porter FRS, of Calgary, Alberta, Canada

adopted children

1. Lord Andrew John Tottenham (b. 26 Feb 1973)

1. Lady Jennifer Katherine Tottenham (b. 29 Jun 1975)


The heir presumptive to the Marquessate of Ely is Lord Timothy Craig Tottenham, second son of the 8th Marquess of Ely and younger brother of the present Marquess


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9th Marquess of Ely

(Ireland, let. pat. 29 Dec 1800)

9th Earl of Ely

(Ireland, let. pat. 2 Mar 1794)

9th Viscount Loftus, of Ely

(Ireland, let. pat. 2 Mar 1794)

9th Baron Loftus, of Loftus Hall in the County of Wexford

(Ireland, let. pat. 28 Jun 1785)

9th Baron Loftus, of Long Loftus in the County of York

(United Kingdom, let. pat. 19 Jan 1801)

10th Baronet, styled "of Tottenham Green"

(Ireland, let. pat. 18 Dec 1780)



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