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Eleanor of Provence


1A. Eleanor of Provence (b. aft. 1221; d. 25 Jun 1291), mar. 14 Jan 1236 Henry III, King of England



1B. Raymond-Berenger V, Count of Provence 1209-1245 (b. 1198; d. 19 Aug 1245), mar. Dec 1220,

2B. Beatrice of Savoy (b. 1206; d. 1266)



1C. Alfonso II, Count of Provence 1196-1209 (b. 1180; d. 2 Feb 1209), mar. Jul 1193,

2C. Gersinde of Sabran, suo jure Countess of Forcalquier (b. 1180; d. 1218)

3C. Thomas I, Count of Savoy 1189-1233 (b. 20 May 1178; d. 1 Mar 1233), mar. 1196,

4C. Beatrice of Geneva (d. 8 Apr 1257)



1D. Alfonso II, King of Aragon 1162-1196 (b. May 1152; d. 25 Apr 1196), mar. 189 Jan 1175,

2D. Sancha of Castile and Leon (b. 21 Sep 1154; d. Nov 1208)

3D. Raynan de Sabran, Lord of Castellan (d. 1224), mar.,

4D. Gersinde, suo jure Countess of Forcalquier

5D. Humbert III, Count of Savoy 1148-1188 (b. 1 Aug 1136; d. 4 Mar 1189), mar. 1175,

6D. Beatrice of Vienne (d. bef. 8 Apr 1230)

7D. William I, Count of Geneva 1178-1226

8D. ..... de Valpurga



1E. Raymond-Berengar IV, Count of Barcelona and Provence 1131-1162 (d. 8 Aug 1162), mar. 11 Aug 1151,

2E. Petronilla, suo jure Queen of Aragon 1137-1162 (b. c. 1135; d. 13 Oct 1173)

3E. Alfonso VII, King of Castile and Leon 1126-1187 (b. 1105; d. 21 Aug 1157), mar. Jul 1152,

4E. Richilda of Poland (d. betw. 1167 and 1175)

5E. Rastaing de Sabran II

6E. Roscie of Uzes and Castellan (d. 1266)

7E. William II, Count of Forcalquier (d. betw. Jan 1208 and Nov1209)


9E. Amadeus II, Count of Savoy 1108-1148 (b. c. 1092; d. 30 Aug 1148), mar. 1120,

10E. Matilda of Albon and Grenoble

11E. Girard I, Count of Vienne and Mâcon 1156-1184 (d. 14 Sep 1184), mar. c. 1160,

12E. Guigone of Salines (d, after 1200)

13E. Amadeus I, Count of Geneva 1152-1178

14E. Matilda of Cuiseaux

15E. Guy de Valpurga

16E. Beatrice Visconti



1F. Raymond-Berengar III, Count of Barcelona 1093-1101

2F. Douce, suo jure Countess of Provence, dau. of Gilbert, Vicomte de Gerandan, jure uxoris Count of Provence

3F. Ramiro II, King of Aragon

4F. Agnes of Aquitaine, dau. of William IX, Duke of Aquitaine

5F. Raymond of Burgundy, Count of Galicia

6F. Urraca, suo jure Queen of Leon and Castile 1109-1126, dau. of Alfonso VI, King of Leon and Castile 1065-1109

7F. Vladyslav II, King of Poland

8F. Christina of Swabia and Alsace, dau. of Frederic II, Duke of Swabia and Alsace



11F. Raynan, Lord of Uzes and Castellan






17F. Humbert II, Count of Maurienne 1072-1108

18F. Gisela of Burgundy, dau. of William I, Count of Burgundy 1049-1087

19F. Guiques III, Count of Albon and Grenoble


21F. William IV, Count of Burgundy, Vienne and Mâcon

22F. Ponce of Traves, dau. of Thibaut, Lord of Traves

23F. Gaucher III, Lord of Salines




27F. Pons I, Lord of Cuiseaux









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