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Dryden (E Baronet, 1619 - 1770)


Creation: let.pat. 16 Nov 1619


Extinct: 21 Mar 1770


Family name: Dryden




Azure a Lion rampant in chief a Sphere between two Estoiles Or


A Demi-Lion sustaining in the dexter gamb a Sphere as in the arms Or



Sir Erasmus Dryden, 1st Bt.

1st son and heir of John Dryden, of Canons Ashby, co. Northampton, by his wife Elizabeth Cope, dau. of Sir John Cope


20 Dec 1553


c. 1580 Frances Wilkes (d. 16 Feb 1630/1; bur .at Canons Ashby, co. Northampton), sister and cohrss. of Robert Wilkes, of Hodnell, co. Warwick, and 2nd dau. and cohrss. of William Wilkes, of Hodnell, co. Warwick


1. Sir John Dryden, 2nd Bt.

2. William Dryden, of Farndon, co. Northampton (bur. 18 Jun 1654 at Woodford, co. Northampton), mar. ..... Cave, of co. Leicester, and had issue:

1a. Sir John Dryden, 4th Bt.

1a. Elizabeth Dryden, mar. Ambrose Mayhew, of Grimsbury

2a. Susanna Dryden, mar. John Spicer

3. Erasmus Dryden, of Tichmarsh, co. Northampton (bur. 18 Jun 1654), mar. 21 Oct 1630 Mary Pickering (d. 1676), dau. of Rev Henry Pickering DD, and had issue:

1a. John Dryden, the Poet Laureate (b. 1631; d. 1 May 1700), mar. 1 Dec 1663 Lady Elizabeth Howard (d. 1714), 1st dau. of Thomas [Howard], 1st Earl of Berkshire, by his wife Lady Elizabeth Cecil, 1st dau. and cohrss. by his second wife of William [Cecil], 2nd Earl of Exeter, and had issue:

1b. Charles Dryden, Chamberlain to Pope Innocent XII (b. 1666; bur. in Windsor 20 Oct 1704)

2b. John Dryden (d. 28 Jan 1701)

3b. Sir Erasmus Henry Dryden, 5th Bt.

2a. Sir Erasmus Dryden, 6th Bt.

3a. Henry Dryden, of Jamaica, mar., and had issue:

1b. Richard Dryden (d. 1694), mar. Elizabeth Dunch, dau, of ..... Dunch, of London, merchant, and had issue:

1s. <female> Dryden

2c. <female> Dryden

1a. Agnes Dryden, mar. Silvester Emelyn, of Stamford, co. Lincoln

2a. Rose Dryden, mar. Rev ..... Laughton DD, of Catworth, co. Huntingdon

3a. Martha Dryden, mar. ..... Bletso, of Northampton, co. Northampton

4a. Frances Dryden (d. 10 Oct 1736), mar. Joseph Sandwell, of London, merchant

1. Elizabeth Dryden, mar. Sir Richard Philipps, 2nd Bt., of Picton Castle, co. Pembroke, and had issue

2. Mary Dryden, mar. Sir Edward Hartopp, 1st Bt. MP, of Freathby, co. Leicester, and had issue

3. Dorothy Dryden, mar. Edward Salway MP, of Stanford, co. Worcester

4. Susan Dryden, mar. Sir John Pickering, of Tichmarsh, co Northampton, and had issue


22 May 1632 (bur. at Canons Ashby, co. Northampton)


16 Nov 1619 a Baronet of England, styled "of Canons Ashby, co. Northampton"

suc. by



admitted to the Inner Temple 1577; High Sheriff of Northamptonshire 1598-99 and 1619-20; Member of Parliament for Banbury 1624-25


Sir John Dryden, 2nd Bt.


c. 1580

mar. (1)

Priscilla Quarles (dsps.), sister of Sir Robert Quarles, dau. of James Quarles, of Romford, co. Essex

mar. (2)

Anna Parvis (dsp. 20 Feb 1630/1), dau. of Henry Parvis, of Ruckholts in Low Layton, co. Essex, by his wife Elizabeth Colson, dau. of Gabriel Colson, of London

mar. (3)

3 Jul 1632 Honor Bevill (bapt. 3 Oct 1609; d. bef. c. 1658), dau. and cohrss. of Sir Robert Bevill, of Chesterton, co Huntingdon, by his wife Mary Coles, dau. and cohrss. of ..... Coles, of Preston, co. Northampton

children by third wife

1. Sir Robert Dryden, 3rd Bt.

2. John Dryden MP, of Chesterton, co. Huntingdon (d. Jan 1707)

3. Erasmus Dryden (d. unm.)

4. Richard Dryden (d. unm.)

5. Bevill Dryden (d. unm.)

6. Benjamin Dryden, a citizen of London (d. unm.)

1. Frances Dryden, mar. Ralph Sneyd, 1st son of William Sneyd, of Keel Hall, co. Stafford

2. Anne Dryden, mar. Walter Pigot, of Chetwynd, co. Shropshire, and had issue


c. 1658

suc. by

son by third wife


admitted to the Inner Temple 1602; Sheriff of Northamptonshire 1634-35; Member of Parliament for Northamptonshire 1640-53 and 1654-55


Sir Robert Dryden, 3rd Bt.


c. 1638


19 Aug 1708 (bur. at Canons Ashby, co. Northampton)

suc. by

first cousin


admitted to the Middle Temple 1654; purchased the site of the Priory at Canons Ashby 1655; Sheriff of Northamptonshire 1666-67 and of Warwickshire 1669-70; left the Canons Ashby estate to his first cousin once removed, Edward Dryden, son of Erasmus Dryden, later Sir Erasmus Dryden, 6th Bt.


Sir John Dryden, 4th Bt.


c. 1635


after 15 Jun 1663 Elizabeth Luck (b. c. 1641), dau. of ..... Luck, of co. Northampton


1. John Dryden (dvp.)

1. Honor Dryden, mar. Joseph Bateman, of London, a surgeon

2. Elizabeth Dryden (d. unm.)


s.p.m.s. 23 May 1710 at Woodford, co. Northampton

suc. by

first cousin once removed



Sir Erasmus Henry Dryden, 5th Bt.


2 May 1669


4 Dec 1710 at Canons Ashby, co. Northampton

suc. by



entered the novitiate of the Dominicans 1692; ordained Priest 1694; Sub-Prior, Convent of the Holy Prior, Bornheim 1697-1700


Sir Erasmus Dryden, 6th Bt.




27 Aug 1667 Elizabeth Martyn (b. c. 1644; bef. 1718), dau. of Edward Martyn, of King Street, Westminster, citizen and grocer


1. Edward Dryden, inherited the Castle Ashby estate on the death of Sir Robert Dryden, 3rd Bt., on 1708 (dvp. 3 Nov 1717), mar. Elizabeth Allen, dau. of Edward Allen, of Finchley, co. Middlesex, son of Sir Thomas Allen, of London, a Turkey merchant, and had issue:

1a. Sir John Dryden, 7th Bt.

2a. Robert Dryden

3a. Rev Erasmus Dryden, Vicar of Hampstead, co. Berkshire (dsp.), mar. 1747 ..... Blegrave

4a. Edward Dryden, of Oporto, Portugal, merchant

5a. Bevill Dryden, of Ore, co. Berkshire, mar. Mary Dubber, dau. of ..... Dubber, of Cirencester, co. Gloucester, and had issue:

1b. Elizabeth Dryden, inherited the Canons Ashby estate from her uncle 1770 (b. 18 Jul 1753; d. 5 Nov 1824), mar. (1) 14 May 1781 Sir John Turner later Dryden, 1st Bt., and (2) Godfrey Scholey, of London, and had issue by her first husband

2b. Maria Dryden (d. 1830), mar. William Ramsay, of Inveresk, and had issue

3b. Philippa Dryden, mar. Thomas Steele

4b. Anne Dryden (d. unm.)

6a. Henry Dryden, mar., and had issue:

1b. Richard Dryden (d, after 1708)

7a. James Dryden (d. 1694), mar. Elizabeth Dunch, of London, and had issue

1a. Elizabeth Dryden

2a. Mary Dryden, mar. Allen Puleston

3a. Anne Dryden

1. Elizabeth Dryden, mar. Rev Richard Martyn DD, Prebendary of Westminster

2. Mary Dryden, mar. John Shaw, a members of the Board of Green Cloth


3 Nov 1718 (bur. at Canons Ashby, co. Northampton)

suc. by



sometime a grocer in King Street, Westminster


Sir John Dryden, 7th Bt.


c. 1704

mar. (1)

Jun 1724 Frances Ingram (bur. s.p. 30 Jan 1724/5 at Canons Ashby, co. Northampton), dau .and hrss. of Thomas Ingram, of Barraby, co. York, and of Freeston, co. Lincoln

mar. (2)

22 Sep 1726 his first cousin Elizabeth Roper (b. c. 1706; d. 7 May 1791), dau. of John Roper, of Berkhampstead, co. Berkshire, by his wife Philippa Allen, dau. of Edward Allen, of Finchley, co. Middlesex, son of Sir Thomas Allen, of London, a Turkey merchant


s.p. 21 Mar 1770 (bur. at Canons Ashby, co. Northampton)


Sheriff of Northamptonshire 1727-28


On his death the 7th Baronet left the Canons Ashby estate to his niece, Elizabeth Dryden. In 1781 she married John Turner, 2nd son of Sir Edward Turner, 2nd Bt., of Ambrosden, co. Oxford. Mr Turner assumed the name and arms of Dryden in lieu of those of Turner on 16 Dec 1791, and was created a Baronet on 2 May 1795.


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