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Lady Clementina Fleming


1A. Lady Clementina Fleming (b. 1719; d. 1 Jan 1799), mar. 14 Oct 1735 Charles [Elphinstone], 10th Lord Elphinstone



1B. John [Fleming], 6th Earl of Wigtown (b. c. 1673; dspm. 10 Feb 1743/4), mar. (2) after 8 Feb 1710/11,

2B. Lady Mary Keith (b. May 1695; d. 1721)



1C. William [Fleming], 5th Earl of Wigtown (d. 8 Apr 1681), mar. Sep 1670,

2C. Lady Henrietta Seton (b. Jun 1652; d. bet. 30 Nov 1699 and 19 Apr 1700)

3C. William [Keith], 8th Earl Marischal (b. c. 1664; d. 27 May 1712), mar. 1690,

4C. Lady Mary Drummond (d. 7 Mar 1729)



1D. John [Fleming], 3rd Earl of Wigtown (d. Feb 1664/5), mar. 1 Feb 1633/4,

2D. Lady Jean Drummond (d. aft. 19 Mar 1657/8)

3D. Charles [Seton], 2nd Earl of Dunfermline (b. Nov 1615; d. 11 May 1672), mar. aft. 9 Nov 1632,

4D. Lady Mary Douglas (d. c. 1659)

5D. George [Keith], 7th Earl Marischal (d. Mar 1694), mar. 6 Feb 1662,

6D. Lady Mary Hay (d. 10 Nov 1701)

7D. James [Drummond], 4th Earl of Perth (b. 7 Jul 1648 ; d. 11 May 1716), mar. (1) 10 Jan 1670,

8D. Lady Jane Douglas (d. aft. 14 Jul 1675)



1E. John [Fleming], 2nd Earl of Wigtown (b. 7 Dec 1589; d. 7 May 1650), mar. bef. 2 Sep 1609,

2E. Lady Margaret Livingston (d. c. 10 Dec 1651)

3E. John [Drummond], 2nd Earl of Perth (b. c. 1584; d. 11 Jun 1662), mar. aft. 28 Aug 1614,

4E. Lady Jean Ker (d. Oct 1622)

5E. Alexander [Seton], 1st Earl of Dunfermline (b. 1555; d. 16 Jun 1622), mar. (3) aft. 15 Nov 1607,

6E. Hon Margaret Hay (d. 30 Dec 1659)

7E. William [Douglas], 7th Earl of Morton (b. c. 1584; d. 7 Aug 1648), mar. c. Mar 1604,

8E. Lady Anne Keith (d. 30 may 1649)

9E. William [Keith], 5th Earl Marischal (b. c. 1585; d. 28 Oct 1655), mar. 12 Oct 1609,

10E. Lady Mary Erskine (d. aft. 25 Jan 1666/7)

11E. George [Hay], 2nd Earl of Kinnoull (d. 5 Oct 1644), mar. aft. 7 Sep 1622,

12E. Lady Anne Douglas (bur. 6 Dec 1667)

13E. James [Drummond], 3rd Earl of Perth (b. c. 1615; d. 2 Jun 1675), mar. 6 Nov 1639,

14E. Lady Anne Gordon (d. 9 Jan 1656)

15E. William [Douglas], 1st Marquess of Douglas (b. 1589; d. 19 Feb 1659/60), mar. (2) 15 Sep 1632,

16E. Lady Mary Gordon (b. c. 1610; d. 1674)



1F. John [Fleming], 1st Earl of Wigtown

2F. Lady Lilias Graham, dau. of John [Graham], 3rd Earl of Montrose

3F. Alexander [Livingston], 1st Earl of Linlithgow

4F. Lady Helen Hay, dau. of Andrew [Hay], 8th Earl of Erroll

5F. Patrick [Drummond], 3rd Lord Drummond

6F. Lady Elizabeth Lindsay, dau. of David [Lindsay], 9th Earl of Crawford

7F. Robert [Ker], 1st Earl of Roxburghe

8F. Margaret Maitland, dau. of Sir William Maitland of Lethington, Secretary of State

9F. George [Seton], 5th Lord Seton

10F. Isabel Hamilton, dau. of Sir William Hamilton of Sorn and Sanquhar

11F. James [Hay], 7th Lord Hay of Yester

12F. Lady Margaret Kerr, dau. of Mark [Kerr], 1st Earl of Lothian

13F. Hon Robert Douglas, Master of Morton

14F. Hon Jean Lyon, dau. of John [Lyon], 8th Lord Glamis

15F. George [Keith], 4th Earl Marischal

16F. Hon Margaret Home, dau. of Alexander [Home], 5th Lord Home

17F. George [Keith], 4th Earl Marischal (See 15F)

18F. Hon Margaret Home, dau. of dau. of Alexander [Home], 5th Lord Home (See 16F)

19F. John [Erskine], 18th/2nd Earl of Mar

20F. Lady Mary Stuart, dau. of Esmé [Stuart], 1st Duke of Lennox

21F. George [Hay], 1st Earl of Kinnoull

22F. Margaret Halyburton, dau. of Sir James Halyburton of Pitcur

23F. William [Douglas], 7th Earl of Morton (See 7E)

24F. Lady Anne Keith, dau. of George [Keith], 4th Earl Marischal (See 8E)

25F. John [Drummond], 2nd Earl of Perth (See 3E)

26F. Lady Jean Ker, dau. of Robert Ker, 1st Earl of Roxburghe (See 4E)

27F. George [Gordon], 2nd Marquess of Huntly

28F. Lady Anne Campbell, dau. of Archibald [Campbell], 7th Earl of Argyll

29F. William [Douglas], 10th Earl of Angus

30F. Hon Elizabeth Oliphant, dau. of Laurence [Oliphant], 4th Lord Oliphant

31F. George [Gordon], 1st Marquess of Huntly

32F. Lady Henrietta Stuart, dau. of Esmé [Stuart], 1st Duke of Lennox


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