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Mrs Camilla Parker-Bowles (née Shand)


1A. Camilla Rosemary Shand (b. 17 Jul 1947); mar. (1) 4 Jul 1973 (div. 1995) Brig Andrew Henry Parker-Bowles (b. 27 Dec 1959), and (2) 9 Apr 2005 as his second wife HRH Prince Charles Philip Arthur George, Prince of Wales



1B. Maj Bruce Middleton Hope Shand (b. 22 Jan 1917; d. 11 Jun 2006); mar. 2 Jan 1946,

2B. Hon Rosalind Maud Cubitt (b. 11 Aug 1921; d. 14 Jul 1944)



1C. Philip Morton Shand (b. 21 Jan 1888; d. 30 Apr 1960); mar. 22 Apr 1916 (div. 1920),

2C. Edith Margueritte Harrington (b. 14 Jun 1893; d. 3 Jan 1981)

3C. Roland Calvert [Cubitt], 3rd Baron Ashcombe (b. 26 Jan 1899; d. 28 Oct 1962); mar. 16 Nov 1920 (div. 1947),

4C. Sonia Rosemary Keppel (b. 24 May 1900; d. 16 Aug 1986)



1D. Alexander Faulkner Shand (b. 20 May 1858; d. 6 Jan 1936); mar. 22 Mar 1887,

2D. Augusta Mary Coates (b. 16 May 1859; d. 19...)

3D. George Woods Harrington (b. 11 Nov 1865; d. 1920); mar. 4 Aug 1889,

4D. Alice Edith Stillman (b. c. 1865 ; d. 1935)

5D. Henry [Cubitt], 2nd Baron Ashcombe (b. 14 Mar 1867; d. 27 Oct 1947); mar. 21 Aug 1890,

6D. Maud Marianne Calvert (b. 1865; d. 7 Mar 1945)

7D. Hon George Keppel (b. 14 Oct 1865; d. 22 Nov 1947); mar. 1 Jun 1891,

8D. Alice Frederica Edmonstone, mistress of King Edward VII (b. 29 Apr 1869; d. 11 Sep 1947)



1E. Hugh Morton Shand, of Leinster Gardens, Hyde Park, London (b. 13 Jan 1815; d. 24 Jun 1890); mar. 15 Aug 1857,

2E. Edrica Faulkner (b. c. 1822; d. 30 Nov 1890)

3E. Dr Charles Coates, of Bath (b. 1825; d. 23 Mar 1909), mar. 6 May 1856,

4E. Sarah Clegg Hope (b. 30 Jun 1832; d. 10 May 1863)

5E. Henry Harrington (b. c. 1828; d. after 1881), mar. 2 Mar 1858,

6E. Eliza Woods (bapt. 1 Oct 1833; d. 1896)

7E. Frederick Stillman (b. c. 1824; d. bef. 1891)

8E. Ann Endell (b. c. 1831 ; d. after 1891)

9E. George [Cubitt], 1st Baron Ashcombe (b. 4 Jun 1828; d. 26 Feb 1917); mar. 14 Jun 1853,

10E. Laura Joyce (b. 13 Aug 1826; d. 7 Jul 1904)

11E. Col Archibald Motteux Calvert, of Ockley Court, co. Surrey (b. 24 Dec 1827; d. 7 Dec 1900); mar. 14 Aug 1862,

12E. Constance Peters (b. c. 1843; d. 10 Jul 1915)

13E. William Coutts [Keppel]. 7th Earl of Albemarle (b. 15 Apr 1832; d. 28 Aug 1894); mar. 15 Nov 1855,

14E. Sophia MacNab (b. 5 Jul 1832; d. 5 Apr 1917)

15E. Admiral Sir William Edmonstone, 4th Bt. (b. 29 Jan 1810; d. 18 Feb 1888); mar. 13 Jul 1841,

16E. Mary Parsons (b. 21 Jun 1823; d. 11 Aug 1902)



1F. Alexander Gordon Shand

2F. Isabella Morton, dau. of Hugh Morton

3F. Joshua William Faulkner, of The Philippines, Brasted, co. Kent

4F. Elizabeth Susanna Jones, dau. of Robert Burnett Jones

5F. William Henry Coates

6F. Sarah Shipton

7F. Samuel Hope, of Liverpool, co. Lancaster

8F. Rebecca Bateman, dau. of Thomas Bateman, of Middleton Hall, co. Derby

9F. Isaac Harrington, of Great Maplestead, co. Essex

10F. Sarah Cracknell

11F. John Woods

12F. Sarah .....

13F. George Stillman

14F. Agnes .....



17F. Thomas Cubitt, of Denbies, co. Surrey, the famous builder

18F. Mary Ann Warner, dau. of Samuel Warner

19F. Rev James Joyce, Vicar of Dorking, co. Surrey

20F. Sarah Brakespear, dau. of Robert Brakespear, brewer, of Henley-on-Thames, co. Berkshire

21F. Charles Calvert, of Ockley Hall, co. Surrey, and Kneller Hall, co. Middlesex

22F. Jane Rowley, dau. of Sir William Rowley, 2nd Bt.

23F. William Peters, of Beckenham Place, co. Kent, and Ashfold House, co. Sussex

24F. Marianne Jane Bonham, dau. of Henry Bonham, of Titness Park, co. Berkshire

25F. George Thomas [Keppel], 6th Earl of Albemarle

26F. Susan Trotter, dau. of Sir Coutts Trotter, 1st Bt.

27F. Sir Allen Napier MacNab, 1st Bt., Prime Minister of Upper Canada 1854-56

28F. Mary Stuart, dau. of John Stuart, of Brockville, Upper Canada

29F. Sir Charles Edmonstone, 2nd Bt.

30F. Hon Louisa Hotham, dau. of Beaumont [Hotham], 2nd Baron Hotham

31F. Lt Col John White Parsons CMG

32F. Mary Elizabeth Dewar, dau.. of Maj-Gen David Dewar, of Gilston House, co. Fife


The above information is taken from an excellent web article, Ancestry of Camilla Parker-Bowles, by William Addams Reitwiesner, where he traces the ancestry of Mrs Parker-Bowles back some 11 generations in as many lines as he can. Mr Reitwiesner's research has resulted in some interesting relationships coming to light. For example, both Mrs Parker-Bowles and the late Diana, Princess of Wales, descend from the 2nd Earl of Albemarle, making then 7th cousins. Similarly Mrs Parker-Bowles shares a common ancestry with Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (9th cousin twice removed), Prince Charles, and the singers Celine Dion and Madonna Ciconne (all three 9th cousins once removed to Mrs Parker-Bowles but not to each other).


Mr Reitwiesner does point out that if Mrs Parker-Bowles grandmother, Sonia Keppel, was actually the daughter of King Edward VII, as some have supposed, then Mrs Parker-Bowles would be a close second half-cousin once removed to Prince Charles, but on the other-hand she would lose her unexpected relationships to the two chanteuses.


First written 17 Apr 2003



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