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Alfred Joseph, 20th Baron Stourton


1A. Alfred Joseph [Stourton], 20th Baron Stourton later 23rd or 7th Baron Mowbray (b. 28 Feb 1829; d. 18 Apr 1893)



1B. Charles [Stourton], 19th Baron Stourton (b. 13 Jul 1802; d. 23 Dec 1872), mar. 1 Aug 1825,

2B. Hon Mary Lucy Clifford (b. 22 Sep 1799; d. 30 Sep 1872)



1C. William Joseph [Stourton], 18th Baron Stourton (b. 6 Jun 1776; d. 4 Dec 1846), mar. 1 Oct 1800,

2C. Catherine Winifred Weld (b. 18 Dec 1778; d. 27 Dec 1862)

3C. Charles [Clifford], 6th Baron Clifford of Chudleigh (b. 28 Nov 1759; d. 29 Apr 1831), mar. 28 Nov 1786,

4C. Hon Eleanor Mary Arundell (d. 24 Nov 1835)



1D. Charles Philip [Stourton], 17th Baron Stourton (b. 22 Aug 1752; d. 29 Apr 1816), mar. 12 Jul 1775,

2D. Hon Mary Langdale (b. c. 1752; d. 12 Apr 1841)

3D. Thomas Weld, of Lulworth Castle, co. Dorset (b. 24 Aug 1750; d. 1810), mar. 1772,

4D. Mary Stanley-Massey

5D. Hugh [Clifford], 4th Baron Clifford of Chudleigh (b. 29 Sep 1726; d. 1 Sep 1783), mar. 17 Dec 1749,

6D. Lady Anne Lee (b. c. 1731; d. 9 Dec 1802)

7D. Henry [Arundell], 8th Baron Arundell of Wardour (b. 31 Mar 1740; d. 4 Dec 1808), mar. 31 May 1763,

8D. Mary Christina Conquest (b. c. 1743; d. 20 Jun 1813)



1E. William [Stourton], 16th Baron Stourton (b. Aug 1704; d. 3 Oct 1781), mar. 11 Oct 1749,

2E. Winifred Howard (b. 31 Aug 1726; d. 15 Jul 1753)

3E. Marmaduke [Langdale], 5th Baron Langdale (d. 5 Apr 1778), mar.,

4E. Constantia Smythe (d. c. 1792)

5E. Edward Weld, of Lulworth Castle, co. Dorset (b. 1705; d. 8 Dec 1761), mar. (2) 1740,

6E. Mary Theresa Vaughan (b. 22 Feb 1713; d. 1754)

7E. Sir John Stanley-Massey, 6th Bt.

8E. Mary Clifton

9E. Hugh [Clifford], 3rd Baron Clifford of Chudleigh (b. 14 Apr 1700; d. 26 Mar 1732), mar. 14 Oct 1725,

10E. Elizabeth Blount (d. Nov 1778)

11E. George Henry [Lee], 2nd Earl of Lichfield (b. 12 Mar 1689/90; d. 15 Feb 1742/3), mar. bef. Mar 1718,

12E. Frances Hales (b. c. 1698; d. 3 Feb 1769)

13E. Henry [Arundell], 7th Baron Arundell of Wardour (b. 4 Oct 1717; d. 12 Sep 1756), mar. 27 Jan 1738/9,

14E. Mary Bellings-Arundell (b. 1718; d. 21 Feb 1769)

15E. Benedict Conquest, of Irnham Hall, co. Lincoln

16E. Mary Ursula Markham



1F. Capt Hon Charles Stourton

2F. Catherine Frampton, dau. and cohrss. of Richard Frampton, of Bitson, co. Dorset

3F. Philip Howard, of Buckenham, co. Norfolk

4F. Winifred Stonor, dau. of Thomas Stonor, of Stonor Park, co. Oxford

5F. Marmaduke [Langdale], 4th Baron Langdale

6F. Hon Elizabeth Widdrington, dau. of William [Widdrington], 3rd Baron Widdrington

7F. Sir John Smythe, 3rd Bt., of Eshe, co. Devon, and Acton Burnell Park, co. Shropshire

8F. Constantia Blount, dau. of George Blount, of Sodington, co. Worcester

9F. Humphrey Weld, of Lulworth Castle, co. Dorset

10F. Margaret Simon, dau. of Sir John Simon, 1st Bt.

11F. John Vaughan, of Courtfield, co. Hereford

12F. Elizabeth Jones, dau. of Philip Jones, of Llan-arth Fawr, co. Monmouth

13F. Sir William Stanley, 3rd Bt.

14F. Catherine Eyre, dau. of Rowland Eyre, of Hassop

15F. Thomas Clifton, of Lytham Hall, co. Lancaster

16F. Hon Mary Molyneux, dau. of Richard [Molyneux], 5th Viscount Molyneux

17F. Hugh [Clifford], 2nd Baron Clifford of Chudleigh

18F. Anne Preston, dau. of Sir Thomas Preston, 3rd Bt.

19F. Edward Blount, of Blagdon, co. Devon

20F. Anne Guise, dau. of Sir John Guise, 2nd Bt. MP, of Elmore, co. Gloucester

21F. Edward Henry [Lee], 1st Earl of Lichfield

22F. Lady Charlotte FitzRoy, illegit. dau. of King Charles II

23F. Sir John Hales, 4th Bt., of Heckington, co. Kent

24F. Helen Mary Catherine Bellings, dau. of Sir Richard Bellings

25F. Henry [Arundell], 6th Baron Arundell of Wardour

26F. Elizabeth Eleanor Everard, dau. of Reginald Everard, of Fethard

27F. Richard Bellings later Bellings-Arundell, of Lanherne, co. Cornwall

28F. Anne Gage, dau. of Joseph Gage, of Sherborne, co. Oxford

29F. ..... Conquest

30F. ..... .....

31F. Thomas Markham, of Ollerton, co. Nottingham

32F. ..... .....


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