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Walter John, 8th Duke of Buccleuch


1A. Walter John [Montagu-Douglas-Scott], 8th Duke of Buccleuch (b. 30 Dec 1894 ; d. 4 Oct 1973)



1B. John Charles [Montagu-Douglas-Scott], 7th Duke of Buccleuch (b. 30 Mar 1864 ; d. 19 Oct 1935); mar. 30 Jan 1893,

2B. Lady Margaret Alice Bridgeman (b. 7 Aug 1954; d. 20 Jan 1892)



1C. William Henry [Montagu-Douglas-Scott], 6th Duke of Buccleuch (b. 9 Sep 1831 ; d. 5 Nov 1914); mar. 22 Nov 1859,

2C. Lady Louisa Jane Hamilton (b. 26 Aug 1836; d. 17 Mar 1912)

3C. George Cecil Orlando [Bridgeman], 4th Earl of Bradford (b. 3 Feb 1845 ; d. 2 Jan 1915); mar. 7 Sep 1936,

4C. Lady Ida Frances Annabella Lumley (b. 28 Nov 1848; d. 22 Aug 1936)



1D. Walter Francis [Montagu-Douglas-Scott], 5th Duke of Buccleuch (b. 25 Nov 1806; d. 16 Apr 1844); mar. 13 Aug 1829,

2D. Lady Charlotte Anne Thynne (d. 28 Mar 1895)

3D. James [Hamilton], 1st Duke of Abercorn (b. 21 Jan 1811; d. 31 Oct 1885); mar. 25 Oct 1832,

4D. Lady Louisa Jane Russell (b. 8 Jul 1812; d. 31 Mar 1905)

5D. Orlando Charles George [Bridgeman], 3rd Earl of Bradford (b. 24 Apr 1819; d. 9 Mar 1898), mar. 30 Apr 1844

6D. Hon Selina Louisa Weld-Forester (d. 25 Nov 1894)

7D. Richard George [Lumley], 9th Earl of Scarborough (b. 7 May 1813; d. 5 Dec 1884); mar. 8 Oct 1846,

8D. Frederica Mary Adeliza Drummond (b. 16 Dec 1826 ; d. 2 Apr 1907)



1E. Charles William Henry [Montagu-Scott], 4th Duke of Buccleuch (b. 24 May 1772 ; d. 20 Apr 1819); mar. 24 Mar 1795,

2E. Hon Harriet Catherine Townshend (b. 29 Nov 1773 ; d. 24 Aug 1814)

3E. Thomas [Thynne], 2nd Marquess of Bath (b. 25 Jan 1765; d. 27 Mar 1837); mar. 14 Apr 1794,

4E. Hon Isabella Elizabeth Byng (d. 1 May 1830)

5E. Lord James Hamilton, styled Viscount Hamilton (b. 7 Oct 1786; dvp. 27 May 1814); mar. 25 Nov 1809,

6E. Lady Harriet Douglas (d. 26 Aug 1833)

7E. John [Russell], 6th Duke of Bedford (b. 6 Jul 1766; d. 20 Oct 1839); mar. (2) 23 Jun 1803,

8E. Lady Georgiana Gordon (b. 18 Jul 1781; d. 24 Feb 1853)

9E. George Augustus Frederick Henry [Bridgeman], 2nd Earl of Bradford (b. 23 Oct 1789; d. 22 Mar 1865); mar. 5 Mar 1818,

10E. Georgina Elizabeth Moncreiffe (d. 12 Oct 1842)

11E. Cecil [Weld-Forester], 1st Baron Forester (bapt. 7 Apr 1767 ; d. 28 May 1828); mar. 16 Jun 1800,

12E. Lady Katherine Mary Manners (d. 1 May 1829)

13E. Frederick Lumley-Savile (b. 14 Jan 1788 ; d. 27 Feb 1837); mar. 2 May 1812,

14E. Charlotte Mary Beresford (d. 1851)

15E. Andrew Robert Drummond (b. 25 Jul 1794; d. 20 Jun 1865); mar. 7 Mar 1822,

16E. Lady Elizabeth Frederica Manners (d. 20 Mar 1886)



1F. Henry [Scott], 3rd Duke of Buccleuch

2F. Lady Elizabeth Montagu, dau. of George [Brudenell later Montagu], 1st Duke of Montagu

3F. Thomas [Townshend], 1st Viscount Sydney

4F. Elizabeth Powys, dau. of Richard Powys MP, of Hintlesham Hall, co. Suffolk

5F. Thomas [Thynne], 1st Marquess of Bath

6F. Lady Elizabeth Cavendish Bentinck, dau. of William [Bentinck], 2nd Duke of Portland

7F. George [Byng], 4th Viscount Torrington

8F. Lady Lucy Boyle, dau. of John [Boyle], 5th Earl of Cork

9F. John James [Hamilton], 1st Marquess of Abercorn

10F. Catherine Copley, dau. of Sir Joseph Copley, 1st Bt., of Sprotborough, co. York

11F. Hon John Douglas

12F. Lady Frances Lascelles, dau. of Edward [Lascelles], 1st Earl of Harewood

13F. Lord Francis Russell, styled Marquess of Tavistock

14F. Lady Elizabeth Keppel, dau. of William Anne [Keppel], 2nd Earl of Albemarle

15F. Alexander [Gordon], 4th Duke of Gordon

16F. Jane Maxwell, dau. of Sir William Maxwell of Monreith, 3rd Bt.

17F. Orlando [Bridgeman], 1st Earl of Bradford

18F. Hon Lucy Elizabeth Byng, dau. of George [Byng], 4th Viscount Torrington

19F. Sir Thomas Moncreiffe of that Ilk, 5th Bt.

20F. Lady Elizabeth Ramsay, dau. of George [Ramsay], 8th Earl of Dalhousie

21F. Lt Col Cecil Forester MP, of Rossall, co. Shropshire

22F. Anne Townshend, dau. of Robert Townshend

23F. John Henry [Manners], 5th Duke of Rutland

24F. Lady Elizabeth Howard, dau. of Frederick [Howard], 5th Earl of Carlisle

25F. Hon Frederick Lumley

26F. Harriet Anne Boddington, dau. of John Boddington

27F. Rt Rev George de la Poer Beresford DD, Bishop of Kilmore

28F. Frances Bushe, dau. of Gervais Parker Bushe MP, of Kilfane, co. Kilkenny

29F. Andrew Berkeley Drummond, of Cadland Park, co. Hampshire

30F. Lady Mary Perceval, dau. of John [Perceval], 2nd Earl of Egmont

31F. John Henry [Manners], 5th Duke of Rutland

32F. Lady Elizabeth Howard, dau. of Frederick [Howard], 5th Earl of Carlisle


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