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Miles Francis Stapleton, 17th Duke of Norfolk


1A. Miles Francis Stapleton [Fitzalan-Howard], 12th Baron Beaumont later 17th Duke of Norfolk (b. 21 Jul 1915; d. 24 Jun 2002)



1B. Bernard Edward [Fitzalan-Howard], 3rd Baron Howard of Glossop (b. 10 May 1885 ; d. 24 Aug 1973), mar. 5 Sep 1914,

2B. Hon Mona Josephine Tempest Stapleton, suo jure Baroness Beaumont (b. 1 Aug 1894; d. 31 Aug 1971)



1C. Francis Edward [Fitzalan-Howard], 2nd Baron Howard of Glossop (b. 1 May 1859; d. 22 Sep 1924), mar. 24 Apr 1883

2C. Clara Greenwood (b. 13 Nov 1852; d. 17 Apr 1887)

3C. Miles [Stapleton], 10th Baron Beaumont (b. 17 Jul 1850; d. 16 Sep 1895), mar. 7 Nov 1893,

4C. Ethel Mary Tempest (d. 19 Jan 1937)



1D. Edward George [Fitzalan-Howard], 1st Baron Howard of Glossop (b. 20 Jan 1818; d. 1 Dec 1883), mar. 22 Jul 1851,

2D. Augusta Talbot (b. 5 Jun 1831; d. 3 Jul 1862)

3D. Maj John Greenwood MP, of Swarcliffe Hall, co. York (b. 20 Feb 1829; d. 21 Feb 1874), mar. 19 Feb 1852,

4D. Louisa Elizabeth Barnardiston (d. 28 May 1891)

5D. Miles Thomas [Stapleton], 8th Baron Beaumont (b. 4 Jun 1805; d. 16 Aug 1854), mar. 9 Sep 1844,

6D. Hon Isabella Anne Browne (d. 16 Mar 1916)

7D. Sir Charles Henry Tempest, 1st Bt., of Heaton Hall, co. Lancaster (b. 5 Jan 1834; d. 1 Aug 1894), mar. 21 May 1862,

8D. Cecilia Elizabeth Tichborne Hibbert (d. 3 Jan 1865)



1E. Henry Charles [Howard], 13th Duke of Norfolk (b. 12 Aug 1791; d. 18 Feb 1856), mar. 26 Dec 1814,

2E. Lady Charlotte Sophia Leveson-Gower (b. 8 Jun 1788; d. 7 Jul 1870)

3E. Hon George Henry Talbot (d. 19 Jun 1839), mar. 6 Apr 1829,

4E. Augusta Jones alias St Paul (d. 23 May 1841)

5E. Frederick Greenwood, of Swarcliffe Hall, co. York (b. 15 Jan 1797; d. 28 Aug 1862), mar. 31 May 1828,

6E. Sarah Staniforth (d. 30 Sep 1892)

7E. Nathaniel Clarke Barnardiston, of The Ryes, co. Suffolk (b. 5 Nov 1799; d. 9 Aug 1883), mar. 1 Mar 1826,

8E. Sophia Eyres (d. 6 May 1855)

9E. Thomas Stapleton, of Carlton Towers, co. York (b. 28 Apr 1778; d. Jul 1839), mar. 3 Nov 1802,

10E. Maria Juliana Gerard (d. 9 Feb 1827)

11E. John Cavendish [Browne], 3rd Baron Kilmaine (b. 11 Jun 1794; d. 13 Jan 1873), mar. 4 Jan 1832,

12E. Eliza Lyon (d. 1 Dec 1834)

13E. Henry Tempest, of Heaton Hall, co. Lancaster (b. 18 Oct 1795; d. 25 Mar 1860), mar. 6 Jul 1829,

14E. Jemima de Trafford (d. 17 Jan 1883)

15E. Capt John Hubert Washington Hibbert, of Bilton Grange, co. Warwick (b. Jan 1805; d. 15 Jun 1875), mar. 10 Jan 1839,

16E. Julia Mary Magdalen Tichborne (d. 4 Jun 1892)



1F. Bernard Edward [Howard], 12th Duke of Norfolk

2F. Lady Elizabeth Belasyse, dau. of Henry [Belasyse], 2nd Earl Fauconberg

3F. George Granville [Leveson-Gower], 2nd Marquess of Stafford later 1st Duke of Sutherland

4F. Lady Elizabeth Sutherland, suo jure Countess of Sutherland, dau. of William [Sutherland], 18th Earl of Sutherland

5F. Hon John Joseph Talbot

6F. Harriet Bedingfeld, dau. of Rev Bacon Bedingfeld, of Ditchingham Hall, co. Norfolk

7F. Sir Horace St Paul, Bt.

8F. ..... .....

9F. John Greenwood, of Swarcliffe Hall, co. York

10F. Sarah Sugden

11F. Samuel Staniforth, of Darnall, co. York

12F. ..... .....

13F. Nathaniel Barnardiston, of The Ryes, co. Suffolk

14F. Elizabeth Joanne Styles, dau. of John Styles, of Kingston, co. Surrey

15F. George Robert Eyres, of Cavendish House, co. Norfolk

16F. Louisa Parker, dau. of Sir Harry Parker, 6th Bt., of Melford Hall, co. Suffolk

17F. Miles Stapleton, of Drax, co. York

18F. Lady Mary Bertie, dau. of Willoughby [Bertie], 3rd Earl of Abingdon

19F. Sir Robert Caulfeild Gerard, 9th Bt.

20F. Catherine Anderton, dau. of William Anderton, of Euxton

21F. James [Browne], 2nd Baron Kilmaine

22F. Hon Anne Cavendish, dau. of Rt Hon Sir Henry Cavendish, 2nd Bt., of Doveridge, co. Derby

23F. David Lyon

24F. ..... .....

25F. Stephen Tempest, of Broughton Hall, co. York

26F. Elizabeth Blundell, dau. of Henry Blundell, of Ince Blundell Hall, co. York

27F. Sir Thomas Joseph de Trafford, 1st Bt., of Trafford Park, co. Lancaster

28F. Ann Colman, dau. of Francis Colman, of Hillersdon, co. Devon

29F. Thomas Hibbert, of Agualta Vale

30F. ..... Mansfield, dau. of J Rushton Mansfield

31F. Sir Henry Joseph Tichborne, 8th Bt.

32F. Anne Burke, dau. of Sir Thomas Burke, 1st Bt., of Marble Hill, co. Mayo


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